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tripod lamp with white shade
tripod lamp
cinema lamp on tripod
cinema tripod lamp
1940 searchlight tripod lamp
1940 searchlight tripod lamp
Marconi spotlight tripod lamp
Marconi spotlight tripod lamp
1928 cadillac head lamp on ebonized tripod
Cadillac head lamp on tripod
coast guard patrol spotlight tripod lamp
coast guard patrol spotlight

Tripod Floor Lamps

Coast guard patrol spotlight tripod lamp. As always searching for the lucky find, the original of this '30s Navy spotlight was unearthed in an antique store in Greenwich, England. In a way the light is a wonderful combination of old technology, romantic seafaring and practical lighting. Perched on its imposing rosewood tripod the light dominates, adding character to a room, an important element in today's design philosophy.

Our replica of '30s Navy spotlight is hand-crafted of brass and aluminum. This is signature for those who value master craftsmanship and technical skills. Coast guard patrol spotlight tripod lamp is a great addition to a now much appreciated collection of spotlights and tripod lamps.

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Half mile ray searchlight on tripod. When a friend of mine decided to move to Berwick-on-Tweed to start a B&B in a 13th century bastion (with walls 10 feet thick and 22 feet high) he was confronted with the problem of how to flood the walls with the right kind of light. Being a smart and enterprising person, a navy stock lot of 1930s Half Mile Ray lamps was located. Originally constructed to last a lifetime, he rigged them in series, and to the best of my knowledge they are still working.

Our faithful reproduction of Half Mile Ray lamp is mounted on a maple tripod, its angle adjustable with a clever piece of 1930s technology. The overall look of this floor lamp is cool, contemporary and at the same time historically correct.

half mile ray searchlight on tripod
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1940 searchlight tripod lamp
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1940 Searchlight tripod lamp. Searchlight right from the bridge of a 1940s Navy destroyer... heavy cast bronze and aluminum, it must be nautical. Is part of its appeal that it's just engineered, not designed? Form follows function....

Balanced on a surveyor's tripod this searchlight made of nickel and brass. Searchlight tripod lamp looking like a million dollars, it smells of salt and sea while managing to convey cool and modern. It's salvage, vintage salvage. This tripod lamp translates into sophisticated home decor.


1928 Cadillac head lamp on ebonized tripod. Piercing the dark. Fronting a mile-long curved and polished hood. Nestled between sculpted wheel fenders while framing a huge chrome radiator. Bronze Art Deco accents....

A combination of polished aluminum and brass brings home 1930s style, perfection and craftsmanship. Check out Cadillac head lamp's details, its imposing size, and the tall ebonized tripod complete with a travel compass dating back to the Mille-Miglia of the 1920s!

unique lighting fixtures - Cadillac head lamp on ebonized tripod
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Marconi spotlight tripod lamp
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Marconi spotlight tripod lamp. International maritime communication used Morse as the standard code until 1999. Every Navy vessel carried a variety of Morse code devices on board. The large light next to the wheelhouse on the bridge was the most spectacular and effective one. Handled by a specially trained sailor skilled in signals, it functioned as a ship-bound lighthouse, with the added ability to transmit highly detailed messages. Our Marconi spotlight dates back to the 1930s and was likely used on a French Navy battleship. By moving slatted louvers the signalman sent short and longer spaced rays of light that could be read by trained sailors in the distance. Morse code uses long and short elements and combinations to convey a message. The elements making up the code were formed by sounds, marks and pulses of varying length. Created in the 1840s Morse code was in use for more than a century and a half. The famous S.O.S. sent by ships in distress (as on the Titanic) was sent by Morse code.

Cinema lamp on tripod. A fifties industrial looking spotlight that may have lighted the stage of the Folies Bergères or the Sadler Wells Opera House. Form follows function in this entirely practical light that condenses and magnifies a fierce beam towards the stage. Or in our case, more probably a painting or an easy club fauteuil. This Cinema tripod lamp is handcrafted in airplane aluminum. Hand polished. Lamp is easy to adjust and point. Cinema lamp has folding aluminum tripod. It's all in the detail...

Cinema lamp on tripod
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Industrial style lamp. This floor lamp evoke the ambience of the 1930s. Form follows function... Basic early industrial design, made to serve and serve well. 1930s, the dawn of a new era with a focus in minimalism and ease of daily use. An aluminum weighted and wheeled base holds a pole and a long-reach lamp. Ready to illuminate an architect's drafting table or a reader's favorite armchair. A companion for life. Polished aluminum and nickel-plated brass.

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Tripod lamp. The mud and sandstone walls hid the multistory palace of Imam Yahya, built in the 1930s. From one of the terraces where we were invited to dine in the evening we could look down some 1000 feet into the valley and the lights of the village. The floor was covered with bright carpets, pots with plants were everywhere, and the light came from candles set on tripods. Over chicken and lamb with lentils, followed by cake and cardamom tea, the Imam explained that the tripods were left by a British surveying expedition in the twenties, mapping the deserts and hills of Yemen. We were impressed by the fact that the metal and wood, combined with saddler's leather straps, still looked fresh and new, obviously a combination of quality and form follows function.

 tripod lamp
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Surveyor's Tripod Lamp. A mundane object, yet one wonders who invited this simple but effective tool. Myriads have been carried up hills and mountains, upstream and down, helping to survey the length and breadth of continents. A symbol of practical science, our 1930s black-and-ivory (or fire-engine red-and-ivory tripod makes a highly effective and decorative lamp stand. Function turned into contemporary design.... Surveyor's tripod lamps fit perfectly in both classic and modern interiors...


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