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Storm Protection Says It's Never Too Early to Get Ready for Hurricane Season
storm protection

Hurricane storm-rated shutters and storm protection hardware can offer relief for storm-weary homeowners in coastal areas

Good news for homeowners in coastal areas of the United States who were hit hard during the historic 2008 hurricane season: has introduced a new line of hurricane storm-rated shutters.

These stylish yet tough shutters are complemented by a wide range of shutters hardware, including storm bar systems, also available at

The 2008 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the most active of the past 60 years. A total of eight hurricanes formed between June and November; five were considered major hurricanes (i.e. Category 3 or higher).

"After this past hurricane season, many homeowners in Texas, Florida and other coastal states were reminded again about the raw power of these storms," said Product Manager, Mr. Albert Delaney. "We encourage people in these areas to install hurricane storm-rated shutters and storm bars now so that they're prepared for the next hurricane season." offers a variety of hinges, shims, pintels and other types of standard hardware. All are high-quality stainless steel pieces that feature a classic appearance.

We also have an extensive selection of storm protection system hardware, such as horizontal, vertical and Bahama storm systems. Each can be ordered in different increments to cover up to a 60" wide by 102" tall window opening (Bahama covers up to 103" tall). Both the horizontal and vertical storm bar systems are removable and can be installed when a hurricane threat occurs.

When used in tandem, our storm protection system hardware and hurricane storm-rated shutters meet the IRC, IBC and State of Florida building codes, meaning they have been approved by an independent test laboratory that is certified by the State of Florida and Miami-Dade County. It's an effective way to defend against even the fiercest winds and rain that Mother Nature can dish out.

For more information on storm shutters and shutters hardware along with home furnishings and architectural products, please go to You may also visit the new Inviting Home showroom at 318 Bear Hill Rd., Ste. 7 in Waltham, Mass.