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large carved wood newel with leaf design
large newel with leaf design
large wood baluster with carved leaf design
large baluster with leaf design
carved wood newel with leaf design
newel with leaf design
large wood newel carved with grape design
large newel carved with grape design
large wood baluster with carved grape design
large baluster with grape design
newel top finials
newel top finials

spiral staircase

Spiral Staircase

You've probably already discovered that an elegant curving spiral staircase brings charm and style to a room in addition to providing access to a second floor with a minimum of space required. With relatively little effort, your spiral staircase can benefit from customization, making it an even more appealing part of your home. In particular, the addition of high-quality balusters and newel post accents upgrades the look and feel of an ordinary spiral staircase and transforms the room in which the staircase resides into an appealing living space.

Graceful spiral staircases have come a long way since their original creation as a defensive measure for castles during the Middle Ages. In current times, we all realize that the use of spiral staircases as a defense is thankfully no longer needed, but you will still find these interesting architectural marvels within homes of many styles. The curves of a spiral staircase provide a welcome contrast to the right angles that most staircases use. For homes and condominiums with limited space, a spiral staircase offers a space-efficient method to connect two floors.

You'll also often find a spiral staircase in a home that has had a story added on after its original floor plan; the use of a spiral staircase solves the problem of where to place the stairs, since a spiral staircase can easily be added just about anywhere.

When they first appeared, these staircases were made from stone. Today, however, you won't often find a stone spiral staircase; spiral staircases are usually fashioned from metal or wood. If you are fortunate enough to have a spiral staircase in your home, consider customizing it with hand-carved accents in order to bring out the best in your staircase and turn it into an artistic focal point for your home's decor.

spiral staircase

spiral staircase wirh hand carved balusters and newels
balusters and newels >>

You can quickly upgrade your spiral staircase with the addition of beautifully detailed wood balusters and coordinating newels components. These architectural embellishments serve to define the staircase railing, creating a more customized and defined look for the railing that helps to establish your staircase as an elegant statement.

You can choose from simple streamlined designs or more ornately-carved styles in order to complement the decor of the rest of the room. The wood can be sealed with a clear coat for a natural look, or the wood can easily be stained in order to match other wooden accents within the room's interior.

Enhance your upgraded spiral staircase with stylish new balusters and newel posts; this easy addition can transform the room with an ordinary spiral staircase into an appealing space which you, your family, and your guests will all love.

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metal spiral staircase antique spiral staircase
spiral staircase  
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ideal staircase
Staircase is a major architectural feature of the house. Staircase can add considerable grace and elegance to your entry. The design of the staircase is complex. Choosing right staircase parts is extremely important. Stair-parts have to be well proportioned to the overall staircase dimensions. The staircase's height, width, and depth must be precisely connected and compatible with the space it occupies...continue reading about staircase parts >>

parts for staircase

parts for staircase
Staircase not only offer a practical way to get between your home's different floors but also are an integral design element within the home - truly a focal point for the home that is what picking out the right staircase parts is important. Whether a grand front staircase or a back hall stair, the design should always work into the architectural theme of the home with all of the parts of the staircase. There are as many styles of staircase parts as there are home styles, so your home design will determine your staircase design.. read on parts for staircase >>

staircase parts

staircase design: balusters and newel posts
Staircase embellishments like balusters and newels help to refine an existing staircase and can even transform it into a showpiece element of the home's decor. Understanding these architectural stair parts and how they fit into the design of a staircase is the first step. In actuality, there are a number of methods by which homeowners can enhance the drama and beauty of their home's staircase, turning it into an element that complements the existing decor or even transforming the lowly staircase into a showpiece that becomes the focal point for the room... read more on balusters and newels >>