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I. Architectural Shutters Collection

raised panel shutters
Panel Shutters
louvered shutters
Louvered Shutters
combination shutters
Combination Shutters
bahama shutters
Bahama Shutters

II. Classic Shutters Collection

board-and-batten shutters
Board-and-Batten Shutters
paneled shutters
Panel Shutters
faux louver shutters
Faux Louver Shutters

Hardware for Shutters

hardware for shutters
Shutters Hardware
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Hardware for Storm Protection
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About Shutters Collections

exterior shutters

Make your home's first impression count with's line of Architectural Shutters has a beautiful collection of Architectural Shutters, hand-crafted and made with the highest quality materials to protect and beautify the exterior of your home.

Beautiful shutters are important to every home. The face of your home is the first thing that people see when they pull into your driveway. Why not make the first impression count with Inviting Home's beautiful line of high quality shutter's? You can beautify and protect your home’s exterior with hand-crafted shutters made from premium materials and designed to give you a lifetime of beauty and protection.

The collection features a wide array of functional shutters, fashioned after contemporary and traditional styles and created in colors and designs that will echo your home’s style and charm. These beautiful yet practical shutters are designed to give you a lifetime of protection from storms, snow, ice and rain while maintaining beauty and accenting the façade of your home.

Every individual house says something about the people living within its walls and the first thing that anyone sees is the exterior. What does yours say about you? Are you eccentric? Are you charming or are you sophisticated? Are you savvy or are you whimsical? Whoever you are, whatever your style, you can find the right shutters to bring your personality out of the interior, to the exterior of your home as well! Beautifully hand-crafted shutters can give a warm country charm or a sophisticated appeal to the face of any house and with many styles and colors to choose from there is sure to be the perfect match for you.

The Architectural Shutters Collection comes with a limited lifetime warranty on their structural components and your new shutters would be guaranteed, when cared for properly, to give you a lifetime of beauty and protection without cracking, splitting, rotting, or warping. Each carefully prepared shutter carries a 15 year factory promise that each and every shutter is painted with the highest quality selection of paint and they will not peel or flake. Every shutter is hand-assembled and individually built on site to your exact specifications. You choose your size, your style and your color. This gives you the greatest range of customization to assure that the finished product is uniquely yours.

architectural shutters

Architectural Shutters Collection

These shutters are not only decorative, but they are also fully functional and operable. They offer an industry leading lifetime structural and 15 year finish warranty.

Architectural Shutters Collection features:

- raised panel shutters

- louvered colonial shutters

- combination shutters

- Bahama shutters

Fifteen years of experience and striving for perfection has led to the perfect collection of shutters - The Architectural Shutters Collection. We are here to not only to beautify your home with the shutters, but to also have them be functional and durable.

The process for making these shutters truly exceptional is by combining the best technology from the aerospace, marine and automotive industries; we are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible quality of shutters. There cannot be better quality shutters on the market for the price.

The Architectural Shutters Material

The shutters were made from materials that have a heavier weight to them due to the fact that they are not simply decorative. They will last through the most abrasive weather.

Stiles and Louvers – the patented design that offers the most strength and durability uses marine grade fiberglass that withstands the elements, making it the most durable shutter available. The fiberglass used in the shutters is the same that is used on luxury boats.

Panels – Are made from a composite wood material that is perfectly engineered to be rot, moisture, and termite resistant. The material is about 90% wood that is reinforced with phenoilic resins, zinc borate, and a few other ingredients.

Rails – Made from PVC of a Structural grade that make the customization of the rail size.

Shutters Assembly

Each one of the shutters is built on-site by hand to your exact expectations.

No nails, screws, or rivets are used to make sure that the finish is as smooth as can be—instead, a specially formulated urethane is used as an adhesive. The adhesive is the same one that is used to hold the car shell in place.

Shutters Finish

The finish is made from a special urethane product that bonds to the shutter material. Every shutter is finished with two coats of finish, an oven curing process to strengthen the finish. The finishes can be matched with a 100% color match guarantee due to partnering with the world leader in finishes.

Shutters Warranty

Limited lifetime structural component warranty against, cracking, splitting, rotting and excessive warping.

classic shutters

Classic Shutters Collection

The fully functional shutters are offered in a large variety of styles and options that are made to make any home beautiful. They require absolutely no maintenance and will last you decades.

Classic Shutters Collection features:

- raised panel shutters

- faux louver shutters

- board and batten shutters

The Classic Shutters Collection was designed more than five years ago around a modern and solid material. The shutters are maintenance free, durable and easy to install. While they are fully operable, they can be used as decorative as well.

Shutters are offered in many styles with options that provide a distinctive characteristic to your home.

Classic Shutters Material

For the construction of the shutters a composite wood material is used. It is manufactured with the use of a steam injection technology process—it uses a 90% wood with phenolic resins, zinc borate to make it rot, moisture, and pest resistant.

To make the classic shutters no pre-fabricated, molded, or vacuum formed materials are used.

Classic Shutters Assembly

The shutters are assembled in a specialty on-site facility. It is assembled with an adhesive intended for use with the special composite material. Each shutter is then sanded to a flawless finish.

Classic Shutters Finish

Every shutter receives a finishing process that includes a primer coat, two finish coats and a proprietary oven curing process to further strengthen and enhance the finish. Our finishing coats use a specially formulated industrial two part acrylic urethane finish that chemically bonds to the shutter material.

Each shutter is put through a specific finishing process—the two finish coats are followed by a curing process that then further strengthen and enhance finish.

There is a 100% color match guarantee due to being partnered with the world leader in finishes.

Shutters Warranty

Limited lifetime structural component warranty against, cracking, splitting, rotting and excessive warping.