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Product Description

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When determining the size of your shutter it is very important to keep in mind that for an authentic look, the shutters when closed should look like they will cover your entire window.

Shutter Width: Measuring your window opening left-to-right. To determine the individual shutter width, divide the overall window width measurements by 2. For example if your window is 32 inches wide then (32" divide by 2 = 16 inches wide shutter).

Shutter height: The shutter height is the total window height top-to-bottom not including the window sill.

Functional Shutters: If the shutter is to be functional you need to allow for 1/4" clearance around all four sides to the smallest window opening size. You must also allow for a 1/4" gap between the two shutters at the center of the window.

Inch Fraction: The inch fraction is the balance of the total shutter height.

For example: after measuring you have determined that you need a total shutter height of 59-1/2" inch then inch fraction is 1/2". If your required shutter height is 60" then the inch fraction would be 00".

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Our shutters use premium materials and are intended to be substantial in weight in order to provide a strong and beautiful shutter that maintains a lifetime of structural integrity.

Stiles and Louvers Using marine grade fiberglass that is impervious to the elements, our patented design offers the strongest and most durable frame available on any composite shutter today. This is the same fiberglass material used on luxury yachts and racing boats.

Panels Made from a proprietary composite wood material that is moisture, rot and termite resistant. This material is manufactured via a patented steam injection technology process that uses 90% wood with phenolic resins, since borate and other ingredients.

Rails Uses Structural grade PVC which allows for customization of rail sizes

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Each shutter is hand assembled and individually built on-site in our facility to your exacting specifications.

We use specially formulated urethane adhesives that allow for a clean and smooth finish without nail, screw or rivet marks. These adhesives are the same used to hold fiberglass shells on automotive frames.


shutters installation

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shutters hardware installation
Shutters Hardware Installation
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We use a specially formulated industrial two part acrylic urethane finish that chemically bonds to the shutter material.

Every shutter receives a finishing process that includes two finish coats and a proprietary oven curing process to further strengthen and enhance the finish.

By partnering with the world leader in finishes, we have the ability to match any color with a 100% color match guarantee.
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Limited lifetime structural component warranty against, cracking, splitting, rotting and excessive warping.

Fifteen-year factory paint finish warranty against peeling or flaking.

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