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Colonial shutters

Louvered Colonial Shutters

Atlantic’s Louvered Colonial shutters offer tasteful signature styling and a timeless accent to homes with true open louvers.

These shutters can also be ordered with faux tilt rods for an operable louver appearance. Imagine the graceful, yet enduring beauty that these shutters can bring to your home.

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Louvered Colonial Shutters - Architectural Collection

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Charleston louvered shutters Charleston Shutters Savannah louvered shutters Savannah Shutters - extra rail
louvered shutters ALL001

standard louvered shutters

charleston shutters
louvered shutters ALL001rl

louvered shutters with additional rail

Savannah shutters
Charleston shutters with mullion Charleston Shutters - mullion Savannah shutters with tilt rod Savannah Shutters - tilt rod
louvered shutters ALL010

louvered shutters with vertical mullion

charleston shutters with vertical mullion
louvered shutters ALL009

louvered shutters with faux tilt rod

faux tilt rod Savannah shutters
Jacksonville shutters with horns Jacksonville Shutters - horns Deltona shutters arched top Deltona Shutters - arched top
louvered shutters ALL020

louvered shutters with horns

Jacksonville shutters with horns
louvered shutters ALL004

louvered shutters with solid panel arched top

arched Deltona shutters
custom charleston shutters Charleston Shutters - custom top custom bottom Charleston shutters Charleston Shutters - custom bottom
louvered shutters ATL002

louvered shutters with custom top

charleston shutters with custom top details
louvered shutters ATL003

louvered shutters with custom bottom

charleston shutters witn custom bottom
Charleston Shutters - rabbeted edge
louvered shutters ATL005

louvered shutters with rabbeted edge

Boston shutters witn rabbeted edge details
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colonial shutters

The Revival of the Colonial Style

Louvered Colonial Shutters are perfect for many different styles of home and especially great for New England-style Colonial home. If you would like an inspiration for these shutters—take a look at the Isaac Bell Jr. House in Newport, RI. It was built in the late 1800s. The particular architecture style that is called the Shingle Style; the style looks back onto the "Old English" and the Tudor Styles.

The Colonial style is not only incredibly beautiful, but it also carries a very proud and tradition and a special place in history. A group of Puritans were the ones who founded Newport—due to the many faiths that came together. The sense of acceptance and togetherness is what made them successful in their life endeavors. When the Revolution began, it is no surprise that the Newporters were good and ready to overthrow the British. After the war though, the Newporters suffered a bit of an economic crisis when in the 1840s it became a very desirable summertime resort for the rich southerners, then the wealthy-furniture traders who made money off the China trade, then finally—the wealthy barons moved to Newport.

Simple and Elegant Shutters

The houses were nicknamed "summer cottages" which was a gross misnomer due to the fact that these were beautifully lavish homes. Isaac Bell Jr., for example, was an investor and a cotton broker who commissioned a New York firm (McKim, Mead, and White) to design him a house that would be appropriate for balls and dinner parties that would be held in the house. At the time, making a Shingle Style home was considered innovative and ground-breaking. It has since become a comfortable and inviting style—there is no reason why you would not want your friends and family be drawn to your home because of the comfort that it exudes.

The Colonial Revival style features the Louvered Colonial-style shutters. You can bring a more colonial-inspired flare to the outside of your home—it is simple, elegant, and it can complement many variations of the New England architecture styles, as well as almost any other style. These shutters are the classic New England shutters and are available in any color that you would think would suit your home and your taste.

Colonial Shutters for You

The outside of your home should reflect the beauty of the inside of your home. Shutters are a very import part of the home's exterior—many almost forget about the outside. Some neglect that importance by going for low quality shutters, or non-functional shutters. The outcome is predictable: they look silly and they can quickly crack under the changing weather conditions due to the constant shrinking and swelling. Nothing comes close to the quality of our shutters.

Our shutters are made from about 90% wood with other materials that are used by the boat and car companies. You can use them for decorative purposes, but never forget that they are fully functional.

The Colonial style is all about the simple details—it sounds like a contradiction, but what it means is that the home needs details, but that does not mean that you have to go overboard with accessorizing the home. That is why the Louvered Colonial shutters would be a perfect choice for you!