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Shutters Specifications Guide - Classic Shutters Collection

Raised Panel Shutters

pannel shutters from classic collection

Louver Shutters

classic louvered shutters

Bard-and-Batten Shutters

board and batten shutters

Architectural Shutters Collection

Nominal Thickness

Shutters are 1 inch thick (25 mm).)


To be installed in either a fixed or operable condition in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, with no nailing or screwing through face of shutter.

see operable shutters installation instructions >>


Solid core composite materials.


Two part urethane paint, oven cured. Hardware: Black powder-coated stainless steel all other brads and fasteners also to be stainless steel;

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Provide with a ten year warranty against defects in materials and factory paint finish.

See warranty document; shutters warranty >>

General Notes

To deflect rain away from the structure, louvered shutters should be installed so the louvers face AWAY from the structure when shutters are closed.

Shutter swing is 3" per shutter from the edge of the shutter to the edge of the window opening; be sure to check for proper clearance (i.e. lamps, fixtures) when the shutter is in the open position.

Hinges are usually applied to the back of the shutter. They are only visible in their entirety when the shutter is in the closed position.

shutters hardware installation

Shutters Hardware Installation
(Classic shutters collection)