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Matched pair of Flat Hinge and Pintel

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80039000 Flat Hinge and Pintel
1/2" offset
$ 50.13 $ 45.12
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80040000 Flat Hinge and Pintel
1-1/2" offset
$ 51.65 $ 46.49
shutters hardware shopping
80041000 Flat Hinge and Pintel
2-1/4" offset
$ 53.18 $ 47.86
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Refer to table below to identify amount of hardware needed:
Shutters Height Quantity Needed
from 12"H to 48"H 2 sets per shutter
from 49"H to 96"H 3 sets per shutter
from 97"H to 144"H 4 sets per shutter
over 144"H 5 sets per shutter
Shutters are mounted with historically correct operable hardware. Unlike “fixed mounted” shutters, this hardware sets the shutter off from the house and allows the shutter to be closed within the window frame. This adds dimension and an elegant accent to your home.

This hardware is forged from 300 series stainless steel and has a matte black powder coated finish.