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Tramp Steamer 'Rangoon' Ship Model

ship models AAS300

25.25"W x 2.25"D x 12.25"H

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The Rangoon is a folk art boat model.
Beginning around the mid 19th century, tramp vessels inhabited a world with no schedules and a mix of interesting characters, adventures, and an escape from the life's more routine journey

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The Rangoon is a folk art boat model; available at
ship model - boat model; available at

Facts about our ship models

1. All ship models are completely hand-made by skilled craftsman

2. Model ships have highest quality parts: hand sewn fabric sails with detailed stitching; each solid brass antique finished hardware made from individual molds.

3. Most ship and boat models are built plank-on frame, some ships have a solid carved hull.

4. Most model ships ready to rig. Detailed instructions explain easy assembly upon arrival.

5. All ship models come with table stands

6. Plans and drawings of introduced ships are researched in the archives of museums and national libraries. Our scale models are true miniature representations of the original yachts.

7. People love to admire the intricate details of the hulls, decks, rigging, and sails of our ship models. Scale ship models adorn the Oval Office at the White House, Wall Street offices, and private libraries.

8. All ships are made by the world leader in sailing ship model reproductions, and have implacable quality and attention to details