Ship Models

classic small 1930s yacht
small 1930s yacht
union jack pond yacht
Union Jack pond yacht
dragon olympic sail racer ship model
Dragon Olympic sail racer
classic large 1930s yacht
large 1930s yacht
small ironsides ship
small Ironsides ship

Sailing Through History with Miniature Ship Replicas

Ship models have captured the imaginations of people young and old. We imagine ourselves captaining or perhaps crewing on these diminutive, yet amazingly accurate representations of full-sized ships. Cruisers, sloops, yachts and racing ships gathered together in maritime museums or in private collections inspire minds to dream about a life on the water.

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Model shipbuilding has been a part of humanity since ancient times, with models from thousands of years ago providing archaeological evidence of how seafaring cultures devised and perfected watercraft. Model ships have also been used in a number of religions as votives offered up as thanks for surviving a storm at sea or for fulfilling a vow to a deity. From the crudely carved to the most intricately detailed, model ships grace museums, art galleries, banks and private collections the world over.

nautical decor with hand-crafted ship model

1934s J-yacht model
1934s J-yacht model

Our ship models include sailing and powered vessels - each inspired by the finest examples the maritime world has to offer. Hand crafted by skilled masters in model shipbuilding, the designs for these ships are gleaned from actual blueprints of existing ships and are true replicas of the original. Sailing enthusiasts will enjoy the intricate detail of the sailing ships we offer, from the hand-sewn fabric sails to the miniature rigging and polished wood decks of our yachts. The scale models of the powerboats we offer are built just as meticulously, featuring a detailed cockpit complete with gauges, along with the shiny motor and propeller. Polished wood gleams from stain or is meticulously hand painted.

From vintage sloops to classic wood-hulled powerboats, many of these "miniatures" are far from the tiny models one might display in a small cubbyhole. With large ship models measuring up to five feet in length, these nautical marvels don't just make a design statement - they define the decor of the room in which they are displayed. Display one of these beautiful models alone on a table, steamer truck or credenza, and all eyes will be drawn to it. Smaller scale models range in length from 11-20 inches and are perfect for grouping. We also offer a charming mobile of A-Cup yachts, perfect for hanging in an office or library. All our ship models come with their own table stand or can be displayed with an optional wall bracket.

thunder boat model
thunder-boat model
small columbia ship model
small Columbia
large columbia ship model
large Columbia
Tramp steamer malacca ship model
Tramp Steamer Malacca
Titanic ship model
Titanic model  

dream of a life on the sea with model yachts


evoking adventure and glamour with model boats


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