Model Yachts

classic small 1930s yacht
small 1930s yacht
union jack pond yacht
Union Jack pond yacht
classic large 1930s yacht
large 1930s yacht
1901s cup contender yacht model
1901s cup contender yacht
yachts and ship models

Dream of a life on the sea with model yachts

The first line of a famous poem reads, "Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made". There is something dreamy and otherworldly about a graceful sailing yacht cutting through the water. Transform your dream into reality with beautiful, handcrafted sailing yacht models.

Model yachts and other model sailing boats have been around since humankind learned that we could move about upon the water with the power of the wind. For thousands of years, young and old alike were fascinated by boats moving about on the water without the aid of oars and so put model sailboats and yachts in their ponds to watch the wind interact with the sails, steering the boat this way and that. Later, model yachts were used to test new boat designs and improve on old ones. This method of designing boats is still in practice today, as well as the hobby of collecting yacht models for the home.

Sailing aficionados, hobbyists and collectors will appreciate our authentic model yachts, with hand-sewn fabric sails and exquisite details, including brass portholes, handmade bronze fittings and meticulous hand painted finishes. Skilled artisans employed by the world's leading maker of reproduction yacht models lovingly fabricate these stunning reproductions, building them from original plans of the full-size yachts. Fabricated using the highest quality materials, replicas such as these are displayed in homes, offices and private libraries all over the world. Any collector will be thrilled to own one!

Some of the model yachts are quite large - up to five feet in length and height - making a significant impact on the overall design of any room in which it resides. For example, placing the large Bermuda sloop yacht in a part of the room with some overhead display lighting focused on the piece - alone or accompanied by other authentic nautical items - is a sure way to get guests to comment!

Many of the yacht models are more modest in size, many of which can fit quite well in a bookcase or nook. To add drama, display two or even three of the smaller, but no less delightful works of nautical art on a credenza or large shelf, staggered so they appear as if they are competing in a sailing race. Each of our model yachts come with its own stand, for placement on any level surface. For extreme visual impact, design a maritime wall display featuring several of our yacht models, each supported by a pair of our optional wood and brass wall brackets.

Simply stated, any one of these beautiful and authentic model yachts are sure to add to your home's decor, as well as create quite a buzz among your guests. Even if you've never set foot on a real boat, these lovely yacht models will have you dreaming of sailing the open ocean right from the comfort of your own home or office!


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