Setting your Style with Settees

benches; hand painted English style carved wood settee

Settees, settles, sofas, couches? Some people might have a hard time making the distinction. But not you. You know a settee when you see one and your sense of style calls for it like a siren’s song. But, choosing a settee – or finding creative ways to show it off – takes a bit of imagination. We have a few suggestions that might help to give you a few great ideas.

First, consider your overall style. Is it formal or a bit more casual? Classic or more modern? Trendy, eclectic, or shabby-chic? Whatever your style, settees can enhance any room decor beautifully. Creating a comfortable sanctuary, matching your decor to a “T” or defining contrasts is easy when using settees.

The classic style is easy on the eyes and oh, so elegant. Give your living room a formal, yet welcoming feel by adding a settee to your living room ensemble. Place a low table or ottoman in a complementary style in front of the settee or flank it with a pair of matching tables for an elegant look. In the entryway, a settee and matching occasional table gives visitors a wonderful preview of the decor in the rest of your home.

Settees and benches are not just for formal decor. If your tastes run a bit more casual, you can use a pair of settees in the living room of the same or complimenting styles in a conversation cluster with a coffee table or ottoman in between them for a set up that is cozy and inviting. In the home office, a settee is a wonderful addition to the otherwise Spartan and austere surroundings. It truly becomes your personal haven when you need to take the time to think and reflect.

benches and settees

17.5"H x 19.5"W x 16"D $745.00
27"H x 60"W x 21"D $1,925.00
21"H x 62"W x 17"D $3,250.00
21"H x 62"W x 17"D $2,730.00
18.5"H x 54"W x 22"D $2,205.00 $1,117.50
list price:$2,235.00
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18.5"H x 54"W x 22"D $2,205.00 $1,117.50
list price:$2,235.00
you save (50%)
17"H x 63"W x 15.5"D $2,460.00
16"H x 54"W x 22"D $2,730.00
16"H x 54"W x 22"D $2,730.00
21.5"H x 58"W x 19"D $2,590.00
19.5"H x 60.5"W x 19"D $7,205.00

Add drama to your living room or even your bedroom by placing a beautiful crescent-back settee or English style settee along the wall with a tall, slender and gracefully cascading plants, such as a Kentia palm or weeping fig tree. Be sure to use a silk plant if you have low light in the room. Complete the look by adding an occasional table and an ottoman or footstool. Place a piece of art from your travels and add adventure to the grouping.

Love contrasting styles, fabrics, and colors? Settees can make a dynamic statement. Place a light-colored settee of a classic or even Baroque design near a wall painted in a bold, dark color, such as red or blue. Go even further and decorate the wall above the settee with vintage geometric or abstract art, such as from the Cubism era, like a Cezanne or Picasso print. Talk about an eye-catcher!

The versatility of decorating with settees is limited only by your imagination. Have fun and enjoy the adventure!

benches; hand painted English style carved wood settee
English style cane back bench

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