Bohemian Crystal Sconces - Finest Czech Crystal
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carmine cut crystal sconce with bells cut premium Bohemian crystal sconce with bells black crystal sconce with bells
carmine crystal sconce SC5570C
15"W x 7-1/2"D x 15"H
$2,879.25 $2,303.40
clear cut crystal sconce SC5570
15"W x 7-1/2"D x 15"H
$2,054.25 $1,643.40
black crystal sconce SC5570B
15"W x 7-1/2"D x 15"H
$2,321.00 $1,856.80
Bohemian crystal sconces cut premium Bohemian crystal sconce with bells crystal sconce with black trim
Bohemian crystal sconces SC5445
12"W x 8"D x 14"H
$638.00 - $950.40
clear cut crystal sconce SC5571
15"W x 7-1/2"D x 18"H
$2,598.75 $2,079.00
crystal sconce with black trim SC5445B
12"W x 8"D x 14"H
$1,075.25 $860.20
gold crystal sconce  Maria Theresa style crystal sconce honey and gold crystal sconce
crystal sconces SC5710C
9"W x 7-1/2"D x 11"H
$783.20 - $902.00
cut crystal sconce SC5370
15"W x 8"D x 13"H
$1,067.00 - $1,276.00
cut crystal sconce SC5300B
5"W x 10"D x 14"H
$1,127.50 $902.00
Bohemian cut crystal sconces gold crystal sconce Bohemian cut crystal sconces
Bohemian cut crystal sconce SC5793
13"W x 11"D x 16"H
$1,326.60 - $1,537.80
cut crystal sconces SC5256
8"W x 7"D x 10"H
$699.60 - $732.60
Bohemian crystal sconce SC5385
14"W x 7"D x 12"H
$935.00 - $1,117.60
cut crystal sconce crystal sconce with black trim crystal sconce with black trim
cut crystal sconces SC5180
9"W x 7"D x 9"H
$519.20 - $649.00
cut crystal sconces SC5710
5"W x 10"D x 14"H
$602.80 - $587.40
cut crystal sconces SC5300
9"W x 8"D x 13"H
$638.00 - $950.40
crystal sconce crystal sconce with black trim crystal sconce
cut crystal sconces SC5235B
12"W x 9"D x 11"H
$536.80 - $699.60
crystal sconces SC5710B
4"W x 11"D x 10"H
$435.60 - $543.40
silver crystal sconces SC5235C
12"W x 9"D x 11"H
$558.80 - $706.20
crystal sconce crystal sconce crystal sconce
cut crystal sconce SC5042
12"W x 9"D x 12"H
$530.20 - $686.40
crystal sconce SC5310
4"W x 10"D x 11"H
$334.40 - $424.60
cut crystal sconce SC5235
12"W x 9"D x 11"H
$1,056.00 $844.80
crystal sconce crystal sconce crystal sconce
crystal sconces SC5310B
12"W x 10"D x 12"H
$519.20 - $649.00
crystal sconce SC5310C
4"W x 10"D x 11"H
$365.20 - $497.20
crystal sconces SC5310D
12"W x 10"D x 12"H
$563.20 - $840.40
crystal sconce crystal sconce crystal sconce
crystal sconce SC5311
12"W x 9"D x 15"H
$629.20 - $800.80
crystal sconces SC5311B
12"W x 9"D x 12"H
$541.20 - $695.20
crystal sconce SC5311C
12"W x 9"D x 15"H
$677.60 - $950.40
crystal sconce    
crystal sconces SC5311D
12"W x 9"D x 15"H
$653.40 - $838.20
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czech crystal chandeliers

The Crystal Sun - Czech crystal
More than 500 years ago, in the territory of the former Kingdom of Bohemia, skilled craftsmen began to discover ways of molding glass into beautiful shapes. By the beginning of the 17th century, Bohemian glassmakers were manufacturing glass of such quality that it closely resembled natural crystal. Since the 17th century, Bohemia has been the center of the crystal glass industry... read more about Czech crystal chandeliers >>


The Feng Shui of light and crystal
Crystal is an extremely powerful elemental to incorporate into one's home. Crystal accessories, crystal lamps, sconces, crystal candlesticks practically any item of high-quality crystal can improve the Qi of your home, promoting harmony and peace.  read more on crystal home accessories >>

incorporating sconces into your decor
Of all of the choices in lighting fixtures, wall sconces go back the furthest in time. From illuminating the corridors of ancient castles to brightening up the walls in today's homes, sconces can add both.. read more about how to incorporate sconces into your decor >>


Light up you world with beautiful sconces
The sconces are the first artificial interior lighting. It all started with the burning branches being propped in between rocks in the interior of the cave. While sconces always had a clear-cut purpose of providing light  read more about sconces >>


Bohemian Crystal Sconces Collection. Under the name "Bohemian crystal, it is impossible to imagine nothing more characteristic than crystal machine-cut lighting fixtures. Their all-crystal appearance, with added non-glass materials, makes them ideal representatives of the traditional Bohemian classics. The crystal beauty is then enhanced by mouth-blown, cut components or hand-cut trimmings used. It is just these elements that rank these lighting fixtures among "jewels" illuminating luxurious interiors.

Some sconces in this collection are embellished with crystal bells. Bells have a rich history with all the Slavonic nations especially in the Czech Republic. Historically in certain regions of Europe crystal bell adornments were believed to bring prosperity and fortune to the household. Crystal bells were also used for the distillation of supernatural forces and adverse events.

Bohemian Crystal Sconces; Finest Czech crystal wall lighting fixtures. Collection of stunning classic Bohemian crystal sconces includes colored crystal sconces as well as those made of clear cut led crystal; available at InvitingHome.com

Some of these sconces are adorned with stunning precisely cut crystal trimmings. Bohemian crystal makers know how to accentuate the hardness and clarity of the crystal by the precise cutting. With each precise machine cut facet, the natural luster and brilliance of these crystal trimmings amplifies. For these master glass makers, refraction of light is no longer an amazing phenomenon; its a detailed and refined science. These genuine Czech crystal sconces refract and shine with color when light passes through them because of the high concentration of led. The higher the led content a crystal has, the more it will cast a color spectrum through the room. The Strass crystal trimmings contain over 30% led which in turn illuminate the area with an array of colors.

It's easy to create an exquisite lighting design in a room by incorporating Bohemian crystal chandeliers or Maria Theresa chandeliers along with these sconces.

Bohemian crystal sconces

Some of the sconces from this collection are available in 3 levels of quality crystal:

premium crystal

Premium crystal. A sumptuous type of chandelier trimmings. Fire of the rainbow spectrum, brilliance, limpidity, glitter and perfect scattering and dispersion of light - these are their main features resulting from precise cutting using electronically controlled machines, but also from high quality crystal containing more then 30% of lead. Traditional mastery and the revealed mystery of the glass substance blend together with modern technologies and first-rate design in each of these unique pieces. Chandeliers dressed with these trimmings of exceptional beauty will lend an air of grandeur to the ambience even of the most prestigious interiors.

Select crystal

Select crystal (or standard). Hand cut or partly machine cut chandelier trimmings. Inspired by rich glassmaking tradition as well as modern trends, these crystals are characterized by distinct fire, rainbow sparkle and purity of shape. Each piece is checked for accuracy of cut and its high quality is guaranteed. They will satisfy even the most discriminating customers. Chandelier trimmings of the Select type offer an opportunity to those searching for quality at a great value.

traditional crystal

Traditional crystal. Chandelier trimmings cut from lead-free glass are typical of the traditional production in Bohemia stretching back to the former half of the 18th century. Thanks to their look based on tradition and history, they satisfy even the most discriminating customers. Lighting fixtures dressed with these trimmings are suitable especially for period interiors. On the other hand, they create an exciting counterpoint to austere modern interiors. These trimmings are often used in the production of replicas of historical lighting fixtures.


crystal accessories for your home
Picking out decorations for your home is so much fun because you are truly able to express yourself as an individual, couple or family. People opt for all different types of decor from truly traditional to completely modern, and you've likely considered a few different styles. Have you ever thought about crystal accessories though? Well, read on to discover how you can infuse them into your life....read more about crystal home accessories >>