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Delaney's Rose Pulls

dimensions - 4-1/4"W x 1-1/4"H; C to C = 3"
Delaney's rose pulls in dark-brass-yellow finish Dark-Brass-Yellow

Delaney's Rose pulls in dark-brass-yellow finish (P671DBA)

list price: $75.00
your price: $60.00
decorative hardware
Delaney's rose pulls in dark-brass-rose finish Dark-Brass-Rose

Delaney's Rose pulls in dark-brass-rose finish (P671DBC)

list price: $75.00
your price: $60.00
decorative hardware
rose pulls in antique-pewter-blue Antique-Pewter-Blue

Delaney's Rose pulls in antique-pewter-blue finish (P671APB)

list price: $63.75
your price: $51.00
decorative hardware
dark-brass and yellow-coral pulls with rose Dark-Brass Yellow-Coral

Delaney's Rose pulls in dark-brass and yellow-coral finish (P671DBD)

list price: $75.00
your price: $60.00
decorative hardware

Product Specifications:

- Made in USA.
- Fine-art foundry hand-pours and hand-finishes every drawer pull using Old-World methods.
- Lifetime guaranteed against flaws in craftsmanship.
- Exceptional clarity of details and depth of relief.
- All pulls are hand-cast from solid fine pewter or solid bronze.
- The term "antique" refers to special methods of treating metal so there is contrast between the raised relief and recessed areas.
- Pulls are lacquered to protect the finish.
- Alternative finishes available (see below)

Delaney's Rose pulls and knobs

The Delaney's Rose pulls have a lot more detail with sharp defining lines. The colors will punch up any cabinet doors or drawers. The vivid design will give an old world and rustic feel to the cabinet. While you can use the Delaney's Rose knobs in a different color, or use more than one different color. It is a sure way to get the eclectic look while the same pattern ties the whole design together.