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WWI Wood Propeller

propellers AAP155

73-3/8" x 6" x 3-1/2"

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Hand-made replica of WWI propeller. This propeller made of solid wood and is a fun and fascinating decor object. The tapering ends of the propeller elegantly swoop out at proper aerodynamic angles. Mounted on a wall or just leaning in a corner, this propeller is a conversation piece. The typical WWI flying ace was accustomed to wrecking a plane now and then. For good luck the propeller was turned into a clock and taken home.

Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old ones were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel. Mechanics, pilots, flight-crew. They wore propeller tiepins and badges and transformed propellers into memorabilia. A continuation of a flight-tradition...