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2 light wall sconce with hand-molded smooth arms, cut clear cut crystal trimmings, and Marea crystal pendants; The combination of cut crystal and rainbow vacuum-coated parts provide impressive contrast; all metal parts have silver finish; genuine Czech crystal

Czech crystal sconces

The fragile, transparent glass of these genuine crystal sconces creates the impression of ethereal lightness. The magic and power of these unique crystal glass sconces thrive from the handwork. All five elements of earth, fire, water, metal, and wood are utilized, but it's the skillful hands of a man that turn nature's forces into the beautiful sparkling crystal. Some sconces are made of crystal that infused with a combination of minerals to produce brilliant color. Some of the sconces selected for this page are handcrafted from high-quality crystal by Czech glassblowers. The mastery and experience of these Czech artisans allow them to produce almost anything, and sometimes even beyond manufacturability. Preciosa is one of the few manufacturers in Europe that uses oxygen fuel technology. This allows for better control and management of the glass preparation process. The end result is an impeccably pure and exquisite glass of the highest quality without any visual imperfections.
Colored crystal sconces infused with a combination of minerals to produce beautiful color. Some of these sconces are adorned with stunning precisely cut crystal trimmings. Bohemian crystal makers know how to accentuate the hardness and clarity of the crystal by the precise cutting. With each precise machine-cut facet, the natural luster and brilliance of these crystal trimmings amplify. For these master glassmakers, refraction of light is no longer an amazing phenomenon; it's a detailed and refined science.
Colored crystal sconces crafted in Czech republic infused with combination of minerals to produce beautiful color; available at
Beautiful crystal glass sconces crafted in Czech republic; available at
These genuine Czech crystal sconces refract and shine with color when light passes through them because of the high concentration of led. The higher the led content a crystal has, the more it will cast a color spectrum through the room. The Strass crystal trimmings contain over 30% led, which in turn illuminate the area with an array of colors. It's easy to create an exquisite lighting design in a room by incorporating crystal glass chandeliers or modern crystal chandeliers along with these sconces.
Beautiful black Bohemian crystal sconces meticulously crafted in Czech republic. available at

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