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Rediscover Your Memories of Summer in Coastal Lighting

All things must pass, yet somehow, the soft murmur of the wandering breeze and the constant whispers of ocean waves echo eternally in your mind. You'll never forget the clean scent of the sea, the heat of the sun on your skin and the cool touch of relief as you dig your toes into the sand. Summer's memories are among the most evocative universal aspects of the human experience. That's why we've curated a luxury lighting collection of floor and table lamps that speak to the coastal themes that rouse your spirit.

Choose Your Mode of Summery Expression

Versatility and diversity of form may not be the first things you think of when you approach coastal design. After all, many of the table and floor lamps that you'll encounter out in the wild simply repeat rote thematic elements and influences. Where's the true inspiration that you yearn for?
This collection goes far further than most. Instead of constraining you to some predefined notion of what summer means, it asks you to engage on your own terms. Why not create a unique depiction that portrays summer as it appears in your mind's eye? From alabaster and mother of pearl to ceramics and metals, this lighting never limits your search for genuine expressiveness. Evoke the spirit of the wind with beige linen shades that call sailing ships to mind. Cast soft light and warm shadows that reflect the multicolored hues of organic materials and stone. This collection proves that even if you favor a particular style or genre, it's possible to do almost anything with lighting. Vibrant lighting that upholds a theme is the keystone of any well-designed interior. Whether you crave the cool shade of palms or the bright glint of moonlight stretching across an impossible expanse of swaying motion, Nautical lighting can help you return to that quiet place of peace within your heart. Surrounding yourself with functional elements that illuminate and inspire is the ultimate way to build a refuge where you can bide your time until the next summer adventure comes calling. Inspired by sandy Laguna beaches, this lamp brings the warmth of nature into the interior. Inspired by the beauty and nature of the Maldives, this stunning lamp tells a unique story imprinted in fossilized coral. This lamp features a natural fossil coral body, a rectangular wood base, and a shell as a finial. Complementing the natural textures of the body, this lamp is completed with a medium tan burlap fabric shade. Hand crafted blue and white porcelain lamp with hand-painted design. Inspired by the endless blue of the Mediterranean, this lamp reflects a unique coastal Grecian flair with the rhythms of its circular patterns. Handcrafted from fine blue and white porcelain, Santorini lamp has antiqued brass accents and mounting. Hand crafted elegant lamp with a crane statuette. Impressive with its lightness and proportion, this lamp will procure sophistication and gentility into any decor. The matte white finish of the crane sculpture coordinates beautifully with antiqued gold accents. Mesmerizing forms created by nature captivate attention with their smooth curves, seamless transitions, and still a notion of motion — the genius creation of nature captured by the artist and transmitted into this glorious lighting fixture. The fascinating shapes of this table lamp accentuated by hand-applied antiqued silver leaf finish and carried on branch shaped finial. Table lamp with marine coral etching design. The fascinating design of this table lamp is inspired by antique coral etching from George Washington's library. Antique fish and shell prints were captivating people for centuries. The amalgamation of aesthetics and historical reverence makes this lamp a mesmerizing conversation starter. Beautiful white ceramic lamp with seahorse design. Sailors have long viewed the seahorse as a good luck charm. Ancient Greek cultures have attributed patience and contentment to this fascinating creature. This lamp features a white glazed finish, with a round gold-leafed base. We Make It Easy to Find Table Lamps That Complement Your Mood Your memories of summer last forever, so shouldn't the interior design elements that represent them be equally long-lived? With InvitingHome, anyone can create a mood that never fails to tickle their fancy and stimulate their senses. Let your summer memories be reborn no matter what time of year it is. Check out our coastal collection. Coastal Living inspired lamps A beautiful collection of lamps inspired by coastal living. These elegant nautical table lamps are hand-crafted with exceptional attention to the details. Rich in texture and exuberant colors, these spectacular lamps make it easy to add a coastal touch to any decor.
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