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93"H x 23"W x 60"D your price: $1,975.00
23"H x 15"W x 15"D your price: $1,005.00
31"H x 19"W x 19"D your price: $675.00
58.5"H x 20"W x 20"D your price: $1,655.00
72"H x 23"W x 23"D your price: $1,380.00
27"H your price: $522.87
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33"H x 11"W x 11"D your price: $444.05
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28"H x 8"W x 8"D your price: $627.97
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27.5"H x 5"W x 5"D your price: $470.32
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32"H x 7"W x 7"D your price: $759.35
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30"H your price: $575.42
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Oakwood Floor Lamp
Crystal Orbs on Pedestal (set of 3)
Porcelain with Blue Glaze Lamp
Silver Agate Lamp
Sun Shield Mirror
Iron Floor Lamp
Beach Glass lamp
Antique Silver Lantern
bamboo motif alabaster lamp
Milky Art Glass Lamp
Mercury Glass Table Lamp
contemporary brass lamp
Smoke Crystal Vase (small)
Adjustable Lamp
gold leaf lamp
Urn Motif Brass Table Lamp
Glazed Ceramic Lamp
Antiqued Silver Lamp
Blue Raffia Chest
Wisteria Trunk Sconce
Blue Bone Inlayed Chest
Round Wrought Iron Mirror
Coastal Glass Vases
Glazed Ceramic Lamp
Gold Leaf Archer
solid crystal lamp
Painted Rafia Chest
Oval Gold Plated Mirror
white Alabaster lamp
Mist Gray Treasure Boxes (set of 2)
Morning Mist
Oval Gold Plated Mirror
clear acrylic chair, black leather cushion
Fluted Gray Cabinet
Star Table with White Marble Top
Greek Key Mirror
crystal table lamp
Tai Chi Sculpture
gold lamp
Blue Agate Lamp
Sun Shield Mirror
accent lamp with adjustable height
twist iron lamp
Mist Gray Treasure Boxes (set of 2)
Mist Gray Treasure Boxes (set of 2)
Brass Table Lamp
Venetian Murano Glass Mirror
Maggiolini Inlaid Chest
Swirl Accent Lamp
Solar Vision
lamp with driftwood shade
Morning Mist
brass lamp with brass shade
White Venetian Glass Lamp
Venetian glass lamp (gold)
Venetian Murano Glass Lamp (white and gold)
white coral ridge lamp
Blue Shagreen Boxes (set of 2)
Blue Shagreen Boxes (set of 2)
solid crystal table lamp with scrolled arms
Solid Crystal and Antiqued Brass Table Lamp
Round Occasional Table (gold leaf)
Crystal Table Lamp
solid crystal lamp
crystal lamp with oval shade
solid crystal lamp
Crystal Lamp With Brass Shade
Neoclassic Style Inlaid Chest
Solid Crystal Lamp
Clear Crystal Table Lamp
Morning Mist
Three Door Credenza
White Leather Boxes (set of 3)
solid crystal lamp
Bamboo Chair
Solar Vision
Gold Leaf Sculpture
Iron Wire Lamp
Three Door Credenza
marble top table
Industrial Floor Lamp
Desk Lamp with Pierced Metal Shade
Dusk - Oil Painting
Coco Fiber Inlaid Credenza
marble top table
Industrial Floor Lamp
Art Deco bar cabinet
Raw Iron Floor Lamp
Industrial 6 Light Chandelier
Black Glass Bar Stand
Geometric Vases
Industrial Console Table
Large Decorative Urn
Small Decorative Urn
Le Cirque Sculpture I
Scorched Bronze Accent Lamp
Industrial Console Table
Black Stone Lamp
Birds on Branch Sculpture

lamps - helpful info

interior with gold Venetian glass lamp from Murano (Italy)

Role of Quality Lamps in Home Decorating

Table and floor lamps do not only provide light but are attractive accessories as well. Lamps are essential in home decorating. Floor and table lamps can be used to dramatize elements of interior design - line, form, color, pattern, and texture. Positioning lamps so that rhythms are created by light and shadow, reflection, and diffusions can impart a powerful dynamic effect on the atmosphere of your home. Indeed table and floor lamps may be thought of like a sculpture.

Sculptural lighting fixtures are not limited to the practicality by any means - our floor and table lamps are works of art. For example, the vase with the flower bouquet table lamp not only serves the purpose of providing light but is highly sculptural and adds a vivid touch to the home interior. Table lamps like this one can be used in any room. Such lamps are welcoming in the entryway, can add a romantic touch to the master bedroom, and elegance to the living room.

To create an eye-pleasing lighting pattern table lamps can be complemented by similar in design floor lamps. Cast brass floor lamp will be a perfect compliment for a table lamp featured above. Where designers, architects, and artists have turned their energies to floor and table lamps design, striking lighting solutions have resulted.

Floor and table lamps, after all, are three-dimensional forms - and there is no reason at all why the implicit functionality of floor and table lamps should inhibit the creation of significant and practical forms. Our sculptural floor and table lamps are embodied in unique materials and have a dramatic and exiting structure reflecting both practicality and aesthetics.

Lamps Selection and Placement

Table and floor lamps from our collection have integrity and are always appropriate in any setting that welcomes you into the house. Many people select floor and table lamps to go with specific fabrics in a particular room but remember that materials come and go and you may move, so choose lamps that will be appropriate in many settings.

Floor and table lamps should be in proportion to the scale of furnishings, height of the ceiling, and size of the room. Avoid extremes- a large dominant lamp has no place in a tiny room, nor would small pendant lamps fit areas that are not intimate or where furniture is larger.

Lamps should suit the furnishings of a room. More elaborate designs of floor and table lamps would relate more to the period furnishings. Table and floor lamps with a simple contours fit best in contemporary settings. Shaded table and floor lamps look better with frosted bulbs as they are used for soft, flattering, general light.

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