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Floral Pendant Chandelier

9″ Dia x 11″H

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30"H x 30"W x 30"D
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46"H x 35"W x 35"D

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Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers

Beautifully designed crystal chandeliers are the center of the visual activity, lighting, and dignifying the space. Crystal chandeliers lend an air of luxury to the scene that is implanted in our mind's eye. Crystal chandeliers can do a great deal to help create the overall look of a room, well beyond the amount of light that chandelier sheds. Accepting that chandeliers retainer elements of grandeur and luxury, no meter how modest the chandelier is, makes them that much more interesting to incorporate into the decorative scheme of a room.

Crystal chandeliers designs featured in our collection help create dining rooms that are elegant, entrance halls that are dramatic, and bedrooms that are purely romantic. When bejeweled and beaded Florentine style crystal ceiling lights and chandeliers are used in unexpected places like a small powder room or clubby dens, they add an element of grace and surprising elegance.

Chandeliers stated being adorned with crystal rock, but it was tough to work with due to how brittle and rare it was. In 1676, soft crystalline was developed and used until 1700 when Venetian island of Murano began producing large amounts of hand-blown Venetian glass. In the 1800s an Austrian jewelry maker who worked with leaded glass crystals, Daniel Swarovski expanded his business into the crafting of chandeliers.
Chandeliers have so much history and have such a great variety of feelings and images that they bring up. When one looks at the chandeliers adorned with fine Swarovski crystals, they cannot help but imagine beautiful women in floor-length gowns on their way to a classy dinner party. During those times, there was no electricity available; oils and candles were used. Doing so created a flickering glow that created a romantic and cozy feel to the space. 
Our crystal chandeliers are meant to recreate the warm and cozy glow. Each crystal is attached individually as to move along with any breeze that is in the room- it is a significant effect because it will move and react to the environment as a natural being wood, instead of remaining stationary and unaffected.

featured articles

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