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Beautiful Chandeliers

Chandeliers recall grand places and glamorous festivities. Chandelier conjures images of great gilded halls with women in ball gowns and an orchestra playing waltz. The crystal chandeliers are the center of the swirl of activity, lighting, and dignifying the space. Chandeliers lend an air of luxury to the scene that is implanted in our mind's eye. Chandeliers create an indoor version of the dapping of light through trees.

In the pre-electricity days, when chandeliers would give light from burning candles or oil, there was a romantic quality to the flickering light they provided. Electrified chandeliers try to replicate the gentle flickering of candlelight or the warm glow of oil lamps by using multiple small incandescent light sources rather than a single large one. The lamps on chandeliers are often surrounded with materials like crystal that reflects the light, or silk shades that diffuse it.

Often chandeliers have a combination of both. Usually, the crystals on the chandeliers are attached on small hooks, allowing them to move with air currents and sending sparkles of light around the room. Magical dinner parties are mostly the results of the guests and the menu. But don't underestimate the importance of chandelier light. Clever repartee and delicious food seem all the more so under the warm glow of an elegant chandelier.

Of all the objects that are put in the room, the chandeliers offer the most possibilities for a surprise - for "throwing the room." Chandeliers are a room's jewelry. Like a stone-encrusted brooch, chandeliers add sparkle. Like a strand of pearls, chandeliers make something simple, say a casual Wednesday night, feel special.

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