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24.5"H x 20"W x 20"D
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26"H x 24"W x 18"D
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22"H x 16.5"W x 14"D
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27.5"H x 27"W x 27"D

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Champagne Crystal Vase
Gold Accent Table

Gray Velvet Armchair

Champagne Crystal Vase
Gold Accent Table

Marbled Side Table (short)
Marbled Side Table (tall)

Marble and Brass Side Table

Adjustable Side Table with Leather
Contemporary Linen Accent Chair

Navy Blue Side Table
Peacock Lacquer Side Table

Round Pedestal Coffee Table

Modern Iron Side Table
Smoke Crystal Vase

Biedermeier table - marble top

Low Side Table

bamboo motif alabaster lamp

Acrylic Bench with White Fur
Star Table with White Marble Top
Wisteria Trunk Sconce

Italian Neoclassic Style Table

marble top table

Artisan Side Table
Crystal Orbs on Pedestal (set of 3)
Blue Porcelain Vases (set of 2)
Peacock Lacquer Side Table

nested petrified wood tables

Art Deco Nested Tables (Set of 2)

tables - helpful info

Beautiful Occasional Tables

When it comes to selecting the perfect type of tabletop, there is one simple rule always to remember: glass bring class. A glass top table speaks to minimalist design while dialing up on sophistication. The style of the leg is the spotlight of an occasional glass top table, such as a finish of antique brass, silver leaf, or antique gold leaf. Round or square, a glass top on a table gives your guests a clear view of your impeccable style. Let the glamour come alive as you let candlelight reflect over the glass.
Decorating with a purpose is always the smartest way to approach excellent home design. These accent pieces with marble tops or glass tops make perfect accents to add refinement and splendor. They will always add a complementary touch, whether other home furnishings feature premium leather or fabric upholstery. They add a sense of gentility and sophistication that few other styles of accent pieces can add to a home.
Often, the style dictates the materials used in the construction of an occasional table. For many traditional and vintage styles, wood is the material of choice. Sometimes a marble top is incorporated, or the wood top might be inlaid with wood or metal trim in contrasting colors. The contemporary styles incorporate a lot of glass and metal. The modern styles are ultra-chic – some of them in pure crystal. The certain style of contemporary pieces lends a clean set of lines and can be matched to other modern pieces, or mixed with contemporary pieces for a little stylish flavor.
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