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Portobello Road Pulls
Portobello Road Knobs

Cabinet and Furniture Pulls

You may think that there is no sure way to know whether you would need knobs or pulls. You may think that a pull and a knob will impact your cabinets in the same space. You may even feel that you have to settle on a pull or a knob only. You may say that they perform the same task in pretty much the same manner - there are the same designs available in a knob and pull version - so how to decide?
Decorative pulls play a much more significant role in the overall look of the room than they are given credit for. They beautify the cabinets in your home, which translates to enhancing the rooms. Decorative pulls should be thought of as your home's jewelry and should have the thought put into its choosing. You do not, by any chance, have to settle on one design - mixing and matching make the designs incredibly interesting. By mixing and matching, you can portray a theme or a story to liven up your whole room.
Pulls are, for one thing, suitable for anyone experiencing joint problems such as arthritis because they are much easier to grasp. Having pulls is making sure that you will not ever have a problem opening a drawer or cubby. The C, U, and bin pulls will all be able to aid you if you are experiencing joint problems, or fear that you may expect those problems in the future.

Adding Dramatic Punch with Pulls

Pulls are also a great way to dramatically punch up your design because it is larger than a knob. Many people opt for is a combination of pulls and knobs. That way you could combine the more dramatic pieces with the less so - using the pulls for drawers and the knobs for cabinets.
Keeping aesthetics in mind is very important. If you decide to use particular pulls, you should think about mixing in knobs with the same design or even knobs or pulls with a different design altogether. Our collections are made for that very purpose. If you have your heart set on using pulls and knobs with the same design throughout, then we recommend that you think about using different finishes to keep the eye moving throughout the cabinets and the room.
Kensington Bin Pulls
Kensington Knob
Kensington Pulls
Rub-A-Dub Pull
Baker Knob
Butcher Knob
Candlestick Maker Knob
Peapod Pull
Peapod Knobs
Peach Pull
Peach Knobs
Autumn Squash Pull
Autumn Squash Knob
Leafy Carrot Pull
Leafy Carrot Knobs
Oak Leaf Bin Pull
Portobello Road Pulls
Renaissance Pull
Best Cellar Knob
Best Cellar Pull
Poppy Pull
Olive Branch Pull
Olive Branch Knobs
Oak Leaf Pull
Oak Leaf Knobs
Mckenna's Rose Pull
Mckenna's Rose Knob
Delaney's Rose Pull
Delaney's Rose Knob
Saratoga-Rose Pull
Saratoga Rose Knob
Kensington Bin Pulls
Kensington Knob
Prairie Tulip
Prairie Tulip
Renaissance Pull
Classic Weave
Fleur-De-Lis Pull
Saddleworth Pull
Queensway Pulls
Portobello Road Pulls
Florid Leaves Pull
Florid-Leaves Knob
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