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Rainbow Trout Pull
Rainbow Trout Knobs

Bringing Garden and Nature with Cabinet Pulls

It's always been the case that humans are drawn to nature. Not only is it the invigorating fresh air, but it's also the sights and smells of natural landscapes, water, and growing plants that bring us a sense of peace and renewal. You can bring the appealing elements of the outdoors to your home's interior by incorporating garden and wildlife-inspired pulls and knobs in the design of your rooms.
It's interesting how details that are as tiny as the knobs and pulls on your cabinets and furniture can have the type of impact that they do. For nature lovers or for homeowners who enjoy the patterns and designs produced by Mother Nature herself, look to the garden, and nature-inspired cabinet pulls to add a breath of fresh air to a kitchen or any other room.
Replacing cabinets or furniture can be quite expensive, but adding new pulls to existing cabinets or furniture costs very little and creates a whole new look. The freshness and design details that the pulls provide can cast the old cabinets or furniture in a whole new light. And the best part is that this project costs very little and requires a minimal investment of time.
You'll find garden and wildlife knobs and pulls in a wide variety of designs from realistic to fanciful. For cabinets in the kitchen, how about incorporating a vegetable or fruit theme with pulls that depict pea pods, carrots, or peaches? This is a simple way to reinforce the message that your kitchen is the source of good food and nurturing activities. 

McCaw Pull

Squirrel Pull
Squirrel Knobs
Cones And Boughs Knob

In a bathroom, think about how adding pulls in beautiful leaf motif could add to the sense of tranquility and help to create an atmosphere that feels like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life. And in the den, incorporating pulls that depict fish, bears, or ducks will add a rugged outdoorsy ambiance that can add character to the room.
Wildlife-inspired pulls can be found in finishes that coordinate with the rest of a room's decor, from brass and bronze to pewter and silver. Many of these pulls are even more distinctive when color is added through a hand-tinting process; these pulls become miniature works of art with their beautiful details and vibrant colors.

Goliath Elephant Knobs
Goliath Elephant Bin Pull

Vertical Cockatoo Pull
Horizontal Cockatoo Pull
Cockatoo Knob
Cockatoo Knob

Dragonfly Pull
Dragonfly Knob
Dragonfly Knob

Cockatoo Knob
Horizontal Cockatoo Pull

Dragonfly Pull

Goliath Elephant Bin Pull
Goliath Elephant Knobs

Toucan Pull

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