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Jeweled Knobs Collection

Jeweled pulls and knobs will allow you to have so much fun with the design. The pulls and knobs come in five different kinds of semi-precious stones: Black Onyx, Tiger Eye, Blue Sodalite, Red Carnelian, and Green Aventurine. You can even use all of the different colors of the semi-precious stones on one cabinet facade-which would give it an eclectic and playful look.
Tiger Eye semi-precious stone is chalcedonies quartz with a very silky luster, that changes with the different light that hits it. Some Tiger Eye stones contain different color strips. It is a common belief that if you hold tiger eye stone, it helps your overall spiritual well-being and health. It is a traditional gift for a 9th wedding anniversary.
The word "Carnelian" came from Latin, meaning "horn" because of the fresh color that could be observed. The group of stones is made of a microcrystalline or crystalline variety of quartz. It is thought to increase stamina, vitality, and endurance, as well as promote emotional balance. It was used in the past as a seal ring for imprinting on essential documents because hot wax did not stick to Carnelian. The word "Carnelian" is also used to describe a particular shade of red which is the shade of red both for Campbell's Soup and Cornell University.
Blue Sodalite is a royal blue colored stone that usually has some white or gray-colored streaks. Blue Sodalite looks a bit more crystal-like. It was named by Professor Thomas Thompson who was called in to identify the specimen that was brought from Greenland to Denmark during the time of the Napoleonic wars - he identified it at first as Sodium Aluminum Silicate Chloride. The stone is associated with the Astrological sign Sagittarius and is thought to promote focus, clearing, meditation, and calming of fears.
Victorian Knob With Tiger Eye
Victorian Knob With Blue Sodalite
Victorian Knob With Green Aventurine
Victorian Knob With Red Carnelian
Victorian Pull With Red Carnelian
Victorian Pull With Blue Sodalite
Victorian Pull With Green Aventurine
Victorian Pull With Onyx
Jeweled Lily Knob With Tiger Eye
Jeweled Lily Knob With Green Aventurine
Jeweled Lily Knob With Blue Sodalite
beautiful decorative hardware
Aventurine is a stone of microcrystalline quartz. Any mice inclusions give the Aventurine stone a more silvery look to it. The Green Aventurine stone is native to India, Chile, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Austria, and Tanzania. It is thought to improve a person's near-sightedness, as well as being a gambler's stone. Is the stone which pretends to Libra, it is also the planetary stone of Taurus.
The name "Onyx" is derived from the Greek word onyx, which means "of a finger' or "claw." A Greek legend says that the Onyx stone came from Cupid clipping some of Venus nails. The clippings fell to the ground and were turned into the Onyx stone due to the fact that no part of a god can die. Onyx is chalcedony quartz that is usually found in Brazil, California, Uruguay, and India.
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