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Philadelphia Island Leg Corbel

6 to 7.25″ wide
6.5 to 7.5″ deep
30.5 to 34.6″ height

multiple sizes availablelarge, regular your price: $793.00$1,291.31
26.5"H x 7.4"W x 8.4"D your price: $610.97$727.09
your price: $323.30
list price:$404.13
you save (20%)
8.25"H x 10"W x 2"D your price: $135.72$177.77
6"H x 9"W x 1.6"D your price: $143.70$186.28

Portland Wood Corbel (Large)

6.9 to 8.5″ wide
3.5 to 4.5″ deep
24 to 36″ height

multiple sizes availablelarge, xlarge your price: $256.85$545.39
22"H x 7"W x 3.25"D your price: $332.05$430.89
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium your price: $3,037.24$3,156.04

Providence Wood Capital

small, large
3.25 to 4.5″ wide
1 to 1.25″ deep
5.5 to 7.5″ height

multiple sizes availablesmall, large your price: $63.86$124.54

Raleigh Craftsman Corbel

3.25 to 6.5″ wide
5 to 10″ deep
9 to 22″ height

multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium your price: $59.16$504.90
your price: $120.46$152.90

Reed Kitchen Island Leg

3.5 to 5″ wide
3.5 to 5″ deep
35.5 to 42″ height

multiple sizes availableregular, wide, long your price: $162.76$463.76
14.25"H x 6.6"W x 1"D your price: $110.82$156.82
9"H x 2.75"W x .5"D your price: $128.30$163.94

Rope Kitchen Island Leg

3.5 to 5″ wide
3.5 to 5″ deep
35.5 to 42″ height

multiple sizes availableregular, wide, long your price: $177.57$463.76

Austin Capital

small, large
9.5 to 13.25″ wide
9.5 to 13.25″ deep
7.25 to 9.6″ height

multiple sizes availablesmall, large your price: $595.02$1,013.35
34.75"H x 2.75"W x 2.75"D your price: $126.40$163.47
your price: $294.56$533.04
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium your price: $3,037.24$3,156.04
8"H x 5.5"W x 1"D your price: $63.77$89.91
5.6"H x 3.9"W x 2.6"D your price: $33.84$43.95
5.25"H x 2.75"W x 1"D your price: $49.04$61.58
3.75"H x 3.75"W x .5"D your price: $21.66$29.66
3.25"H x 3.75"W x .5"D your price: $20.53$26.23
16"H x 9"W x 1.9"D your price: $226.91$293.44
10.25"H x 5"W x 5.25"D your price: $154.11$230.61

Santa Monica Wood Corbel

5 to 5.5″ wide
5.25 to 5.75″ deep
12 to 14″ height

multiple sizes availablesmall, large your price: $203.86$311.97
your price: $365.98$525.97
your price: $293.14
list price:$366.43
you save (20%)
4.5"H x 8.5"W x 6"D your price: $558.84$726.49

Santa-Monica Wood Bracket

2 to 5.4″ wide
3.5 to 9″ deep
5 to 14″ height

multiple sizes availablesmall, large, xlarge, medium your price: $101.93$298.07
multiple sizes availablesmall, large your price: $64.83$103.32
your price: $228.10$474.01
your price: $228.10$292.25
your price: $365.92$663.10
your price: $292.25$380.16
your price: $365.92$663.10
14"H x 4"W x 4"D your price: $134.36$174.52
22"H x 6.5"W x 9"D your price: $339.77$441.70
14"H x 3.9"W x 4.5"D your price: $102.64$167.51
9.4"H x 11"W x 1"D your price: $168.32$207.52
15.25"H x 11.25"W x 1.25"D your price: $422.28$506.74

wood carvings - helpful info

All of the wood carvings we offer are made from the highest quality, premium hardwoods. Hand-crafted by masters, and inspired by nature, our wood carvings are perfect for interior design and craft projects. At, we will find a wide selection of carved wood designs and motifs to satisfy even the most discriminating, sophisticated tastes. What is your style? Whether you seek vineyard motifs, harvest motifs, flower motifs, shell motifs, or more of a classic theme, you will find them carved in your choice of American Hard Maple, Red or White Oak, Cherry, Alder wood and White hardwoods. Whether you choose from our extensive wood corbel collection or our applied wood carving collection; whether your next project is to enhance your staircase, fireplace, or kitchen, our hand carved wood designs command attention and admiration.
Decorative wood carving can turn an average room or object into a signature statement with your own imprint. Wood carvings are perfect for wall applications, those finishing touches on the custom cabinets or creating a dramatic focal point on a fireplace mantel.
Wood carvings are perfect for all your carpentry, furniture making, and woodworking projects. Wood carvings are one of the many elements of the classical style as applied to architecture and decoration of furniture. The designs of wood carving products introduced on our website are based on enduring tenets of classicism. Wood carving designs have been modified and revived through time, and they are executed in classical style. Wood carving is currently enjoying a renaissance. Our extensive wood carving collection consists of corbels, appliques and onlays, rosettes, mantels, and mantel shelves.
Hand-crafted by masters, and inspired by nature, these wood carvings are perfect for interior design and craft projects

The Mystique of Hand Carved Wood

History tells us that from almost every corner of the earth, many ancient societies engaged in the worship of trees, some believing that the gods lived within the statuesque forms. While the present day saying "knock on wood" is used as a luck charm with direct roots to these ancient beliefs, the positive energy emanating from trees cannot be denied. The texture of wood is pleasing to the eye, whether in a raw, natural state, or constructed into a durable piece of furniture.
The practice of wood carving by hand is an art as old as humanity itself. Originally, carved wood had its practical uses, with wood carvings fashioned into tools for protection, agriculture, and other domestic implements. However, it was shortly after when humankind grew acutely aware of its need for beauty and all things beautiful. This hunger for the aesthetic is a trait unique to the human experience; it is the attribute that fueled the art of ornamental wood carving.
gorgeous wood carving; wood carving inspiration
The art of ornamental wood carving reached its climax in the 17th century when a period of prosperity gave way to the baroque and rococo styles. The mastery of the wood carving artists of this period is evident when you view their renderings: from delicately carved flowers and symmetrical floral rosettes to scroll onlays of acanthus leaves, to elegant carved wood swags, the elaborate intricacies of these onlays speak of hours or labor and costly commissions from the nobility and the very wealthy.
America enjoyed the look of ornamental wood carvings in their interiors for years. However, the advent of the population boom in the fifties resulted in an increase in the production of pre-fabricated homes and the interiors of these American homes omitted embellished wood carvings. Decorative wood carvings such as elegant wood moldings and distinctive carved wood panels became things of the past. It is the houses built during this period that suffers from a starkness of the interior. Devoid of character; they possess a "box-like" quality to those who reside there.
Presently, the art of wood carving by hand is making a strong comeback. High demand from clients with refined tastes and styles is fueling this trend, and the return of simple wood carvings and ornate wood carvings to private homes and businesses is growing more widespread each day. Ornamentation on the exteriors of dwellings often occurs simultaneously with the return of wood carvings such as beautiful corbels and other embellishments inside the interiors. Clearly, the soul of the home was compromised with the banishment of these carved wood details.
Given the history of wood carving and the inherent qualities that wood possesses, it is clear that wood carvings enjoy veritable mystique that withstands the test of time. At, our esteem for wood and the forms it takes in our wide selection of wood carvings is apparent. We guarantee that once installed, our wood carvings will inspire nothing short of a sense of contentment in, and reverence for, the place you call home.
elaborate carved wood panels
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