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Quality Wood Baseboard

Collection of quality wood baseboard includes embossed wood baseboard and sculpted wood baseboard. Embossed wood baseboard is made from kiln dried solid poplar wood. Classical designs on the baseboard moldings are made under hard pressure and intense heat. Designs selected for embossed baseboard are the most popular historical designs featuring rope, egg-and-dart, beads, and bead-and-barrel. 
The second part of the collection includes impressively sculpted wood baseboard moldings. These baseboards come in two pieces: the decorative upper portion and a flat bottom piece. Each of the baseboard moldings is available in medium and large sizes. The width and the depth of the baseboard remain the same on each of the dimensions, but the baseboard's height varies from the medium to the large sizes (from 5" up to 7-1/4"). 
Some of the designs introduced on the wood baseboards are also can be found on crown moldings, door trims, and frieze moldings. This makes it easy to match the wood baseboard to the rest of the architectural decor in your room, making it a complete design scheme. If you would like to mix different baseboard and molding styles and are not sure how well they will match, our friendly staff can guide you in the right direction. 
All baseboards are available in length of up to 16'. The baseboards found on our website are priced per 8' length. If you need baseboards that are longer, then you will need to contact us via e-mail or phone for a customized quote. 
Most baseboards require two nails at each stud location. You can also drive nails into the bottom plate. For built-up baseboards, install the main board first, then add the cap and other accent moldings, nailing them into the main board to wall studs. Nail the base shoe to the floor only so that it can move independently of the baseboard and prevent gapping. For outside baseboard's corners, make miter cuts to connect the molding; for inside baseboard's corners, make coped cuts. These types of cuts help the baseboard molding from showing gaps.
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