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Steamer pendant lamp features interesting combination of brass and aluminum parts replica of Admiralty lamp made by hand duplicating every design and technical detail of the origina  
Steamer lantern ASL062
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Admiralty pendant lamp ASL037
$873.75 $699.00
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Making a statement with pendant lighting

A pendant lantern or light hangs down from the ceiling and provides focused lighting where it is most needed. Besides offering functionality as specialized task lighting, you'll often find pendant lights serving as a design focal point much like a chandelier but on a smaller scale. The styling of a pendant lantern or light runs the gamut from traditional to contemporary, and materials used in these useful lighting fixtures can vary from metals like aluminum and brass to clear or textured glass... 👉🏻 about pendant lighting

pendant lighting

Pendant Lamps

British lantern pendant. Believe us or not, but it took over ten years for the right old globe lantern to show up at auction. That's poring over dozens of maritime auction books. Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonham's. We found it in London, Kensington, early 2005. It was hand made around the turn of the century, 1900s. Probably destined for a windjammer, for sailors wanted quality. Hand shaped brass, in the visual center a heavy wire cage protecting hand blown glass. Never seen such a solid, heavy, well-made globe lantern before.

Our replica of British pendant lantern does not compromise. You be the judge... inspect... Lift and appreciate solid weight. Consider its many applications. No, we don't want a trophy. True reward is a recognition of quality offered...

pendant lighting

French pendant lantern. Somehow French tool and instrument makers know how to add a little molding here, a nick or twist there. Here it results in a product of unsurpassed elegance and appeal. Our French lantern was used during expeditions of the French Colonial Army while quartered in Tahiti, Saigon, Casablanca, Martinique. The reason that only a few original brass utilitarian colonial objects can be found these days is that most were melted down during WWII. The French lantern pendant creates a statement. It's just the right size and in short; it has charisma!

Cargo Hold nautical pendant lantern

Cargo Hold pendant lantern. This gorgeous nautical pendant lantern features extremely heavy and solid construction. Industrial look of this lantern appeals to contemporary as well as classic interiors. Cargo Hold pendant lantern provides 360 radius light and hangs from stainless steal adjustable wire to support its solid brass construction. The length of the dark brown anodized wire can be adjusted with included bolt-clams.

French country pendant lamp

French country pendant lamp. Nicely molded classic French country style pendant lamp. All bronze finished brass and antique copper. Pendant lamp complete with cast and turned ceiling bracket with all brass guide-wheels to facilitate easy height adjustment. Copper molded counterweight container holds iron ingots for correct balance.

admiralty lamps

Admiralty pendant lamps. It's incredible that so few Admiralty lamps from the early 1900s have survived. But it may be many of them were refashioned into WWII gear, when people were asked to turn in brass and aluminum heirlooms. Plows to bullets... Using old and oft-forgotten techniques, we have been able to bring back the interesting shapes of early hold and go down lamps. Impressively large and practical, they were built to last. After finding the original at a Paris auction, we were spellbound when it arrived and we were able to unlock the wing nuts and study the construction. Replicas are made by hand, one by one, duplicating every design and technical detail of the original. Brass and aluminum. Complete with stainless steel hanging wires and ceiling bracket..


Steamer deck pendant lamps. Clearly created in a workroom, instead of an Italian designer's studio. Almost Steam-punk, with a rugged, tactile feel. Brass sheet, solid airplane aluminum fittings. Cooling ribs to divert heat. Good to touch...Even better to view. Lighting the galleries, passages, and corridors of early 20th C. steamships and tramp steamers. Will survive centuries