Not Your Average Bookcases

Cambridge bookcase features a striking library ladder, offers a multitude of large and small drawers. This bookcase designed to fit in rooms large and small. Cambridge bookcase carries solid bronze hand rubbed polished hardware; available at

As more people shift from working in an office to working at home, the necessity of creating a useful working space without taking away from the comfort of the home becomes more apparent. A home office should not merely be a utilitarian room carved out of the home, it should a comfortable and welcoming space that nourishes the soul, allowing creativity to occur, while fitting seamlessly into the decorating style shown throughout the rest of the home. It should be a place that genuinely facilitates productive employment, not a space that stifles creative thought.

People who to work from home know that there is more to life than plain walls and boring furniture, so why would they want to fill a space where they will be spending so much time with the same sort of furniture that is found in a business office. A fun working area is much more enjoyable to work in than a boring one.

A unique set of bookshelves is the perfect way to spruce up a home office while providing much-needed storage space. One’s working area should be an enjoyable place to spend one’s time, not a space that feels cold and utilitarian. Office furniture can be both stylish and serve a useful purpose. There is no need to sacrifice functionality for style. Fun and stylish bookshelves are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to personalize a home office while providing more storage space, which is a frequent necessity for anybody who works from home.

The right office furniture can show a person’s personality while creating a more productive space. Why choose plain, square bookcases when there are options that will allow true individuality to show, such as ladder style bookshelves, or bookcases shaped like boats, ideal for a nautical personality. There is no need to settle for ordinary when there are extraordinary options available. Creative office furniture allows one to personalize one’s working area without sacrificing the functional space.

It is more than possible for furniture to be both stylish and wonderfully functional. The right furniture choice provides ample storage space while adding a creative ambiance to the room, freeing the mind to focus on more important things.

82"H x 32"W x 12"D $1,414.22
list price:$1,767.78
you save (20%)
82.5"H x 49"W x 21.5"D $2,290.06
list price:$2,862.58
you save (20%)
84"H x 52"W x 18"D $11,205.00

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