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Decorative Wood Molding

Decorative Sculptured Wood Molding. Our luxury wood molding collection is an exciting option for homeowners who wish to beautify their home by integrating rich details using unexpectedly affordable wood molding. The multitude of different wood molding and chair-rail designs make it easy to integrate your wood molding into an existing decor and to coordinate several wood molding designs, creating a polished look for your home.

This collection features decorative wood molding that is made from the highest grade, kiln-dried, solid poplar wood. There are many types of wood molding options available, with complementing designs that will elevate your home's look from mediocre to astounding. Choose from wood crown molding, wood baseboard molding, wood molding for door trim, wood panel molding, and decorative frieze molding. Made from a specially formulated wood composite material and sculpted into the design, many of our decorative wood moldings feature a deep relief, lending intricacy and realistic detail to the design. Details can be viewed clearly in the images provided with our product descriptions. We also provide coordinating suggestions with each molding's product descriptions, through helpful links to complimentary wood molding designs. Our wood moldings may be used alone as a solitary element and design statement, or enhanced by another decorative wood molding.

Design Tip: If you wish to add broadness, or extend your decorative elements, think about pairing a molding or chair rail with a back-band. Back-bands are also used as casings for windows and doors.

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The appeal of poplar wood is in its light color and low grain. Our wood molding accepts stain well, making it easy to achieve your desired look. With poplar, you may use any depth of stain color you wish, replicating the look of hardwoods such as cherry, maple, mahogany, walnut, and many other varieties. Whether you choose to stain your wood molding, or paint it, it is easy to achieve a professional look with our beautiful wood molding.

At InvitingHome.com, you have the option of ordering wood molding unfinished or in 12 different decorative finishes. However, if you wish to order your moldings in a decorative finish, there is a minimum order requirement of 500 feet.

Installing your wood molding is simple. Upon arrival of your wood molding, take care that you keep the molding in a dry place, away from exorbitant moisture to avoid warping of the wood. Because wood molding is made from a natural material, the wood molding must adjust to the climate of the surroundings before being installed. This is to avoid any cracking or gaps due to the wood's natural ability to shrink or expand when subjected to temperature changes. Nail your wood molding to the studs in the wall by using a stud finder. This is to ensure that wood molding will have maximum support. Installation is complete when you caulk the small holes left behind by the finishing nails with compound and than lightly sand the area for a clean finish.

Design Tip: If your project includes installing molding in a room that has a bend in it, such as a cupola, or bow front window, and you find that rigid wood molding cannot accommodate the sloping angles, InvitingHome.com also offers Flex Molding, which can be used in conjunction with wood molding to accommodate the pesky spot. Our Flex Molding can be purchased in the same designs and density as our wood molding. Once it is stained or painted, the wood molding and the flex molding will look consistent and unified.

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Hand-Carved Wood Molding

We are pleased to present our Premiere Wood Molding Collection in five stunning design styles! Sold individually, each piece of wood molding is completely hand-carved and is available in your choice of hard maple, cherry, and white oak. Our carved wood molding designs are available in several types: large wood crown moldings, small wood crown moldings, frieze wood moldings, chair-rail moldings, and pierced wood moldings. By offering you a variety of highly detailed wooden molding styles and types, we make it easy for you to coordinate a polished look for your project.

Wood crown molding is sold individually and measure eight feet in length. Large and small sizes of wood crown molding are available; with large wood crown moldings presenting a 5" face of hand-carved design, and small wood crown moldings displaying their design on a 3.25" face.

Frieze Wood Molding and Chair-Rail Wood Molding: Each piece of wooden frieze molding and chair-rail molding measure eight feet in length, and is sold individually. Carved wood frieze molding is 5" in height with a projection of 1.25". Smaller in scale is carved wood chair-rail molding, measuring 3" in height, with a 1" projection.

Savannah Wood Molding

If you are inspired by the timeless elegance and quiet grandeur of historic southern architecture look no further than our Savannah carved wood molding collection. Scrolls of leaves seem to curl and unfurl into each other at once; a gentle cascade of symmetrical pattern reminiscent of the weeping branches of a willow tree stirring in a thick breeze. A cockle shell is the focal point of the wood molding design; a traditional symbol once used to mark status and to convey privilege. Well-formed and refined, the cockle shell accurately represents the understated splendor of the design. Savannah molding is heavy with romance and the spirit of yesterday.

Naples Wood Molding

Powered by the influence of the ancient Romans, the jagged leaves of the Acanthus tree became a common symbol used in ornamentation and architecture. The Acanthus tree thrives in direct sunlight; it is a hardy plant that tolerates even the driest conditions. Perhaps that is why the leaves of the tree have been used for centuries to symbolize immortality and regeneration. We pay tribute to the Acanthus tradition in our Naples carved wood molding: tightly scrolling leaves flourish and thrive in a robust testament to perseverance and tenacity. The Naples wood molding commands respect and inspires reverence in the beholder: you will witness history each time you view it. continue ...


Vermont Wood Molding

Some things are quintessentially New England: nowhere in the world does the autumn season arrive with such distinction. Here in New England, the onset of autumn is marked by shortening days, balmy weather, and the festival and fairs that lure gatherings of families and friends in celebration of life's simple pleasures. Our Vermont carved wood molding beckons you to celebrate the autumn season and New England, all year round. Perfectly carved, small, hard acorns pepper a carefully strewn trail of oak leaves. See it on the cabinets while you make hot cocoa in the kitchen; or on the mantle when you stoke the evening's fire; or in your bedroom while snuggled deep inside warm flannel sheets; and you will know its versatility. Inspired by nature, Vermont wood molding is a perfect choice for any person who wants to proclaim their love for the outdoors.

California Wood Molding

California! Since our country's infancy, California is an archetype of the American Dream. The West and its hills of gold... lofty promises of glamour and fame... the seduction of its natural, rugged beauty... California's legend grips the imaginations of dreamers everywhere. The vitality and health that is the hallmark of the region is represented in our California carved wood molding collection: boldly carved grapes proudly nestled among a lavish gathering of grape leaves beckon you to look closely at its design. The intricacy of the meandering vine will lend to a sense of opulence wherever it is used in your home. You will find that California is more than a destination. California is a lifestyle.

Baltimore Wood Molding

Our Baltimore carved wood molding is refinement: although her delicately carved cherry blossoms ornament the rich bouquet of acanthus leaves, it is these diminutive flowers that command attention as the modest focal point of the wood molding's design. The Baltimore wood molding's tender blossoms are fragrant with a feminine quality; the undulating pattern of acanthus and flowers are undoubtedly elegant and refined. Introduce Baltimore wood molding to any room in your home, and you will find a heightened sense of quiet repose.


Pierced Wood Molding

pierced wood molding

Our pierced wood molding is sold in lengths of two feet. Included with each piece of molding are two carved wood dowel connectors, that when connected with an additional pierced molding piece, contribute to the seamless appearance of a single continuous run of carved wood.

Connecting your pierced wood moldings is simple. After applying a small amount of wood glue to each end of the dowels, you insert them securely into place on both sides of the wood molding. When connecting the two pieces of molding, space them proportionally from each other. The connecting wooden dowel is intended to be integrated into the overall design pattern, imparting visual continuity to the wood molding.