Fort Worth Crown Molding Specifications

- outstanding quality crown molding made from high density polyurethane

- crown molding is pre-primed with water-based white paint

- molding milled on the reverse side for strong adhesive bonding

- lightweight, durable and easy to install using common woodworking tools

- metal dies were used for consistent quality and perfect part to part match for hassle free installation

- this crown molding has sharp, deep and highly defined design

- crown molding can be finished with any quality paints

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crown molding fort worth

Fort Worth Crown Molding

crown molding DK3014

3-1/4"H x 3-1/4"P x 4-5/8"F

7'10"L crown molding

list price: $55.00
your price: $44.00
crown molding

Forth Worth Crown Molding Installed

crown molding Forth Worth crown molding Forth Worth

Forth Worth crown molding installed in the contemporary setting in combination with Atlanta baseboard

Forth Worth molding and baseboard and LED lights
Forth Worth molding
crown molding on the ceiling

Forth Worth crown molding on the ceiling; design on the wall is created with Dallas baseboard and LED lights

Forth Worth crown molding and crown molding for indirect lighting

Forth Worth crown molding installed shown with Avondale crown molding for indirect lighting

cornice molding

Forth Worth crown molding; window trim created with Plano molding; Ventura cove molding installed underneath the ledge

  cfc and formaldehyde free molding
green product
molding adhesive Molding Adhesive
Adefix P5 - AT3
adhesive 10 oz. tube

Adhesive-filler for molding installation

list price: $18.50
your price: $14.80
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