gorgeous dining room with molding

Defining the Character with Molding

Architectural trim or molding not only hides gaps and dresses up corners, it is often the backbone of a room design. The types of baseboard, crown molding, chair-rail molding, and window and door trim you select helps define the character of a room and set the stage for the entire decor. Fortunately, there are a variety of styles and sizes of interior and exterior molding available on our website, so you should not have trouble finding the right moldings to suit your needs.

Whether you install a bold crown molding to draw the eye upward, a chair rail molding with deep relief design, you will be adding a handsome architectural detail that gives the room substance. Most new homes built today lack the ornamental details that provide an interior space with architectural character and identity. Rooms without moldings are often plain, featureless and nondescript as the inside of the empty box. You can dress-up rooms with curtains, paint, and carpeting, but stark and sterile walls will remain the dominant feature of the house interior. If you surrounded by plain walls in your home consider them blank canvases upon which you can create a beautiful rooms with fresh architectural identities. Without going into major renovation the best way to enhance the character of a house architecturally is to install or upgrade the moldings.

Talented modern architects introduced the open floor plan to American home design. But with it beauty and refined spacious feeling it presents new decorating challenges. Open floor plans are very popular these days. They create large, architecturally undefined areas. This is where molding comes in to play. Installing decorative moldings not only gives beauty and substance to a plain home, but also is a superb solution to the design challenges posed by today's contemporary houses. In addition, the versatility of molding styles and types makes it adaptable to a variety design treatments, from casual to formal. You should definitely consider some of the advantages of using molding to enrich, enhance, enlarge, and define space.