red ceiling designed with white crown molding and panel molding with decorative corners
contemporary crown molding

Selecting Molding

New Beginnings with the Right Molding

Redecorating with moldings gives you a chance to create new warmth and beauty in the home you originally fell in love with. To use molding with confidence, you'll want to make design choices appropriate to your space and decor. In some contemporary homes, for example, elaborate molding could be out of place. But don't underestimate the amount of molding that rooms can tastefully accommodate. We offer a variety of beautiful moldings designed for contemporary homes. Clean lines, vivid profiles, and modern durable materials make our moldings a perfect fit for contemporary environment. Contemporary crown molding nz51 featured on the left-hand-side picture.

The architectural style of your home and your personal taste will a play large parts in selecting moldings. But there are other considerations that should guide your molding purchasing decision.

First of all, the size and scale of the molding should be appropriate for the room. Low ceilings (8 feet or less) have a harder time supporting large ornate crown moldings than 10- or 12- foot ceilings. The scale of the molding relates to its profile as well as molding size. For low ceilings we recommend choosing crown molding which projects on the ceiling more than it comes down on the wall. Application of such crown molding visually will make ceilings appear higher.

A small room can be easily overwhelmed by large, elaborate molding, just as a plane slender molding disappears in a large room. Deep and heavy molding detailing creates vivid shadows and has a greater visual presence than subtle molding profiles. As you consider adding a crown moldings in combination with other molding types, you might be concern that extensive trim-work will make small rooms appear even smaller. In fact, the opposite occurs. Through magic of geometric illusion, trim-work often makes room appear larger and wider. Long horizontal lines created with moldings can make you perceive that a room is longer and wider than it really is. In a same manner, long vertical lines created with moldings will make a low ceiling appear higher.