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Bringing out the True Character with Molding

Rooms owe their architectural identity to the moldings on the walls and the ceiling. In many old houses, complicated built-up moldings land character and beauty. Coordinating various moldings with one another and with other architectural room elements brings a sense of balance and unity to a design scheme. Walls with multiple molding types, such us baseboard, chair-rail, frieze, and crown, will look best if their style and scale are proportioned to each other and decorative aspects are complimentary.

Cornice and crown molding, chair rails and frieze molding, panel molding with exquisite framing corners can have a magical effect on the look and character of your home. Molding can completely transform your room from traditional to modern, or contemporary to period.

Give your home harmony and warmth, and a sense of completeness with our outstanding molding. If you are do-it-yourselfer any home improvement project will be a snap with the help of our detailed installation instructions. With the proper tools, and understanding of some design basics, and knowledge of how moldings affect an overall look of the home, most of the homeowners today can install and enjoy beautiful architectural moldings. Combining different traditional molding shapes to create a unique interior trim details is not only an economical option for modern decorators, it is a challenge relished by interior designers.

Moldings are used more often where wall meets ceiling and floors. Molding hide the joinery at the corners and it also provides a artful transition from one surface to another. Molding may also be used as a decorative treatment on walls. Decorative molding giving a room a finished appearance. Installation of the molding is fairly easy. The detailed installation instructions for our molding you can find by clinking on the "Installation Guides" button on the top bar.