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Molding and Lighting Inspiration

molding with lighting in the bedroom

Bedrooms are not just for sleeping, these most private spaces need flexible lighting that can change from functional to romantic

bedroom design with indirect lighting

Bedroom require flexible lighting that is energizing in the morning and calming at night, with task lighting for reading or around the mirror

living room ceiling decor with molding and lighting

The right lighting often makes al the difference. The living room on the picture uses a variety of lighting sources for maximum flexibility and impact

family room lighting

Every activity that takes place in the family room has special lighting requirements, so start by making a list of those activities

colored ceiling lighting inspiration

Decorating with lighting is an underestimated effect, yet the powerful combination of lighting and color is a way of producing a stunning effects by simple means

home entrabce lighting

A well-lit entrance should provide a welcoming reception and enhance the architecture

lighting techniques

The entrance is an ideal place to try a dramatic lighting effect, such as an assented art object or colored lighting

built-in lighting with molding inspirasion

The atmosphere of this bedroom is defined with lighting, and can be adjusted according to your mood by razing or lowering light levels

attic remodeling

Adding an extra bedroom or guestroom to a home can increase its value and speed up the sale of your home because your property will appeal to a larger segment of the market

modern bathroom style inspiration

Bathroom is the most functional and personal room in the home. Unlike adding a swimming pool or redoing a basement recreation room, a refurbishing bathroom brings one of the greatest returns for the money invested

loft lighting

Cornice molding for indirect lighting and baseboard molding with square LED lights really show off proportions of the room and create lighting effects which strike a balance

interior space with molding and lighting for visual comfort

In residential lighting, two concerns dominate determination of illumination levels and visual comfort: function and mood of the environment

kitchen details

Collections and displays link a person to his or her home as they truly reflect the individual's style and taste


A combination of up/down lighting will create a dramatic pool of light both upwards and downwards, accentuating architectural details

boockshelves decorating

Books are often the best ornaments in our rooms. They bring color, texture interest, and mystery

contemporary lighting

In contemporary interior, which might take a stronger, more dramatic lighting scheme, a colored light on a wall or ceiling of the same color can provide even grater intensity

gorgeous intetrior space with lighting

Lighting fixtures bring your home interior to life. Lighting gives form and texture to a room, warms the dark corners, highlights a favorite piece of art, or creates a right mood

small entry space lighting

To make ceiling appear higher the color of the ceiling should be much lighter then the walls; Placing crown molding with indirect lighting will "lift up" you ceiling

mood lighting in the bedroom

Controlling the amount and quality of lighting in a room goes a long way to contributing to the room's ambience

innovative lighting for kitchen and living area

More than any other single home design element, lighting gives form and shape to space. The way we see the shape of an object depends on the brightness of its certain parts and on its shadows distribution

office lighting and color

Cool lighting expands space, produces a crisp atmosphere, and tends to make individual objects stand out

home lighting

Explore ways to enhance the transforming power of lighting in every room of your home

creative home lighting

Lighting is the most essential element in the decoration of home. We all need to bring more lighting into our homes. Lighting creates, paradoxically, both reality and illusion