living room lighting
living room lighting

Living Room Lighting

The right lighting often makes al the difference. The living room on the picture uses a variety of lighting sources for maximum flexibility and impact. All lighting fixtures in this room have dimmers to set any desired mood. Serene in its commitment to the color and wide open space, this living area owes much of its presence to the molding for indirect lighting.

Large windows welcomes the light that pours in during the day, and the color of the walls and furnishings maximize is effect. But when daylight fades, crown molding lighting bounces of the ceiling and bathes it with in a gentle glow. Strategically placed recessed lights provide genuine overall illumination. Just because a room boasts a lot of natural light doesn't mean it needs minimal lighting. Plan to include general, task, and accent lighting in any room, so each area will be as livable after dark as it in the daytime.

The dimmers allow you to create mood with lighting fixtures by adjusting light levels to create a mood. If you will read, watch TV, do paperwork, or perform some other activity, you'll have to provide specific task lighting. In general floor lamps that are 40 to 49 inches from the floor to the bottom of the shade provide generous light spread. Adjustable lamps provide wonderful tusk lighting.

Table lamps with shades are ideal because they direct light upward and downward with little glare. For reading the bottom of the shade should be just below eye level.