lighting techniques

Lighting Techniques

Hallways and entries should be well lit. Use one ceiling light fixture or chandelier in addition to sconces or paintable wall lighting fixtures for up-lighting. The entrance is an ideal place to try a dramatic lighting effect, such as an assented art object or colored lighting. Often the reception desk is more brightly lit to draw visitors. Both direct and indirect lighting sources are desirable for entrance area.

Your foyer should be a reflection of your style and introduction to the rest of the house. Many people treat the foyer as a solely utilitarian space, filling it with umbrella stands, hall trees, and the like, it can also be an ideal spot to display interesting sculptures, hand-crafted tapestry, or other wall art. An attractive light fixture can be the centerpiece of your entry way. It can help set the tone of the tour by suggesting quality. Proper lighting of the entrance is also essential in helping to establish the warmth and cheeriness of your house or condominium.

If you have a ceiling fixture that is clearly not up to the standards of the rest of your entryway, consider replacing it with one that can provide a true focal point. You may find that, depending on the size of your entry, one general overhead light is sufficient, or it may be that a second accent light is needed. Because the ceiling is likely to cover a small area only, there is probably no room for a second ceiling fixture. On the other hand, the area might accommodate a large table lamps. If your entry does not currently have one, simply borrow a table lamp from another room.