home entrance lighting

Home Entrance Lighting

It is the grand home entrance that sets the scene and creates the first impression of any home. As such, it should be welcoming as well as being in character with the rest of the home. A well-lit entrance should provide a welcoming reception and enhance the architecture.

Home entry and corridors should be treated with equal importance, as they set the scene and help to create mood as well as link different spaces. Hallways should tie into the rooms they connect. In the lobby or entrance area, which is a keynote of an interior, lighting plays an important role.

During the day the entry or lobby should be bright enough to allow a reasonable transition from the bright outdoors to the darker interior. Illumination needs to be at the lower level at night to aid eyes in focusing, but strong enough to enable visitors to see and be seen.

A combination of up/down lighting in the home entry will create a dramatic pool of light both upwards and downwards, accentuating architectural details.

This lighting technique can help to improve the proportions of an entrance, making it appear larger or wider. An entrance needs to be considered in the context of both lighting and space.