family room lighting

Family Room Lighting

Friends and especially family tend to the ambience of a family room. It can be forbidding no-man's-land or a pleasant inviting place to sit and share good conversation.

Every activity that takes place in the family room has special lighting requirements, so start by making a list of those activities.

A reading chair requires intense task lighting. Plan moderate lighting over the coffee or game table. For the TV and computer, use low general lighting that doesn't create glare.

Concentrate on general lighting in addition to task and mood lighting.

Chandeliers with dimmers are good for providing ambient light. Each smaller area within a family room must have its own lighting dictated by activity.

Family room is perhaps the busiest room in the house. This space often has to pack in a lot - from TV viewing to play and other family activities.

lighting and molding

Displaying Small Decorative Objects

Decorating Tips:

- Extremely delicate objects with subtle details and small scale, semiprecious stones, or hand-blown glass bottles or balls, for example, look bet when displayed as a collection on a plate, dish, or tray so that they don't become lost among larger items on the same table or look to lonely.

- If you have small porcelain objects, you can place a decorative hand-panted plate behind them as a frame for needed emphasis.

- If you have several small leather books, put three or four on the top of each other, and some delicate decorative item or flower on the top. Place this stack on the table or chair in the corner.

- If you have a pen collection, you may want to lay several of the pens on the ceramic or glass plate where they will make a statement.