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bookshelves decorating

bookshelves decorating

Bookshelves Decorating

Books are often the best ornaments in our rooms. They bring color, texture interest, and mystery. You can pick up a history book and go on the journey. You can have your favorite writers in all your rooms, going back to the ancients from Greece and Rome, authors of rank who have stood the test of time, class examples of universal wisdom.

There are a lot of writers who have expanded the intellectual and spiritual knowledge of human beings. Having their books at hand is an intellectual blessing and spiritually uplifting. Books are friends and you always feel comforted when you are among your favorite authors' works.

Fake books can be bought "by the yard" with familiar titles but no content are as lifeless as artificial flowers. You are not nourished by looking at the menu: you want partake of the banquette. The wonderful reality of a good books is their timelessness. Books that expand your mind and spirit never become obsolete and the first additions can become more valuable to you and others over time.

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The Art of Book Placement

There is an art of book placement. When you faced with floor to ceiling bookcases in the library or any other room, you should create some still life compositions with botanicals, porcelain and brass objects, and statues and bookends. This process is grate fun, because you enjoy experiencing art and treasured objects among books you love. There is a grate temptation among book and art collectors to rest paintings in front of books. But to avid readers, it isn't fair to hide cherished volumes behind pictures and it can drive someone crazy to spend time searching for a book only to discover it was hiding behind a picture frame.

All of you with an insatiable appetite for books and learning will inevitable be forced to stow books on high, hard-to-reach shelves. A handy piece of equipment to have under this circumstances is folding library steps. Very often some of our favorite books are actually placed on the higher shelves because they're easier to locate and seem safer up high. On the lower shelves you can break up the mass of books by stacking some horizontally, and, when there is room, you can lay books side by side, inviting people to touch and open them. Displaying a book on a rack on shelves between solid stacks of books can add interested and beauty. When you run out of bookshelves, you can stuck your books on the floor and on tables.

If you love books, be sure to display a few of your favorites in a way that will invite visitors to pick them up. Books should have a lively presence, opening you up to spontaneous adventures. If you want to place a few treasured books on a table or lying flat on a shelf, not because they're coffee-table picture books but because you want family and friends to notice them, put a grosgrain ribbon in each book as a book-mark, luring people to see what's inside. It rarely fails to strike up a conversation. People are naturally curious, and will ask you why you like the book or whether you know the author. Books have a powerful way of connecting people.

bookshelf decorating

Decorating Tips:

- To further lure potential readers, move large books over the table edge to add drama.

- Lining up books and other objects perfectly appears rigid and can cause the air of become static. When books are too neatly placed, they're not inviting.

- If you have some chairs that are too delicate for normal use, a stack of books will create intrigue and insure that no one will sit there.

- If you have a book with sumptuous photography, open it on a table or on a book stand and turn the page every day or so to reveal a different picture.