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attic remodeling


Attic Remodeling

Some rooms don't fit the neat categories of living room, dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. Because these special spaces often serve multiple functions, they need flexible lighting that accommodates a variety of uses. many people put a lot of thought into choosing lighting fixtures for the main rooms in their homes, but when it comes to areas like basement or attic remodeling they aren't as discerning. The lighting in this minor areas is equally as important to make your home as functional as possible.

Because the attic is above ground, converting it into a nicely finished room can carry significant weight at the time of resale. If your attic is already finished, simply consider the cosmetic appearance of the room and insulation (the attic ceiling should have 6 to 12 inches of fiberglass batting). The cosmetic conversion of an already upgraded attic is a wonderful investment, because it will yield a much higher return. An operable skylight may also be necessary, because attic can get extremely hot and often is poorly ventilated.

The cost and installation of a small skylight starts with about $300 and can go much higher. If your attic is completely unfinished, you are looking at a more serious remodeling. Have an engineer determine if the floor is strong enough to hold the additional weight of a furnished room and if there enough ceiling clearance. You must than determine the expense of running heating, electrical, and plumbing systems up to the attic, as well as building an acceptable stairway.

attic bedroom

Extra Bedroom in the Attic

Adding an extra bedroom or guestroom to a home can increase its value and speed up the sale of your home because your property will appeal to a larger segment of the market.

I do not recommend starting from scratch by building an addition onto your home, because the new construction costs are unlikely to yield much of a return. But if you're able to create a new bedroom by altering an underutilized area of your home, this may prove to be one of your best home-improvement investments.

How do you know how much an extra bedroom will yield on your resale, and how much you should spend to create an extra bedroom?

As a general rule, the fewer bedrooms you have, the more you'll get out of adding an extra bedroom. A one-bedroom home or condo that gains a second bedroom will benefit much more than a five-bedroom home that gains a sixth. If it costs you the equivalent of 3 or 4 percent of your sale price to add an extra bedroom, which will enable you to attract a much broader market, my experience shows that the return is worth the cost. Most probably you can raise your asking price because your home will now be compared to more expensive properties.

Consider the economics of this for a minute. If new construction costs $75 per square foot and you are able to turn a 150- to 200-square foot area of your home into usable space at a cost of $3,000, you will have spent between $15 and $20 per square foot. This can clearly be a bargain.

To be sure, also get opinions from your real estate broker. Tell him or her what you are thinking of doing and ask how it would affect the marketability of your home. You may want to get several opinions on this, since you have so much at stake.

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Cozy Attic

Mood and atmosphere are very subjective and have an effect on how we feel. If we have had a hectic day in a brightly lit office, coming home to a softly lit environment can have a very calming effect, helping us to relax and reducing stress. If the lighting is more dramatic, creating positive areas of brightness and darkness, a dynamic atmosphere is created.

While creating a mood with lighting the right levels of contrast are the means to success, achieved by controlling each light individually. The wonder of light is its ability to transform a space, literally with a touch of the button. This is something that interior decoration can never do on its own. By focusing on what is to be seen, light can screen out what is not, by leaving this areas in darkness.

An attic is often forgotten during the day, yet it is often can be a source of pleasure during the night. On scented summer evenings, even the smallest attic can be transform into a magical romantic room, while on winter nights if the attic is lit, it will provide warmth and coziness inside, enhancing a felling of relaxation. With a well-designed scheme, a small attic can be enjoyed whatever the time of day and whatever the season.

All you need to create a restful refuge is comfortable seating, a good book, and the right lighting. You don't need a lot of space. smaller is often better. This is your private world of retreat, and you can always improve the look and feel of it with the simplest details regardless of particular taste and style.

A ledge can display a collection of spun-glass bottles from Murano, Italy. A small tray can hold a few perfume bottles of different shapes and sizes. Lighting can emphasize depth of glass color. Colored glass bottles (shown on the picture of the attic above), thrown into silhouette, from an effective frieze on a ledge when lit from behind by linear light source, such as LED lights or rope lights. Located behind the objects and along the base of the ledge, it lights the wall more strongly than the objects, which emphasizes the curved outlines of the jars to dramatic effect.

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Relaxing Lighting

Have a collection of candles, as well as several glass or crystal hurricane lamps and candlesticks. Your collection can include twisted crystal candlesticks bought for a modest price at a house ware store, as well as those of antiqued brass with solid crystal, or fine porcelain. The squat church candles called votives add charm and warmth to any intimate moment in the home.

Candles - Decorating Tips:

- Clip the wick to about an eight of an inch to avoid unnecessary soot.

- If you use a votive candle that dose not have a protective frame, put a little bit of water in a dish or cup so that the dripping wax won't stick to the dish and become difficult to remove.

- Inexpensive clear or colored glass candle-holders approximately two inches tall are perfect votive holders and are worth purchasing by the dozen.

- If there is a draft put an additional dish under any candlesticks holding tall candles to ensure that the wax doesn't drip on the table.