luxury bathroom

luxury bathroom

Luxury Bathroom

The luxury bathroom is one of the great rooms of the house, a place for enjoying a few moments of solitude and the time-honored healing powers of water. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the bathroom has undergone many changes.

Originally, the bathroom was one shared room at the end of the hallway; than bathroom's became a personal adjunct to the bedroom, and became smaller and more utilitarian. Our days, utility and luxury are combined, and the bathroom - once hidden behind close doors - is frequently exposed to sky, garden, terrace and sometimes to other rooms of the house.

What was once a small sterile room with three basic plumbing fixtures (lavatory or sink, toilet, and tub or shower) has become a powder room, dressing room, and even sitting room, often with additional luxury features such as whirlpool, sauna, spa, hot tub, fireplace mantels, and television. Luxury bathroom is a personal retreat designed to pamper your senses. Clean lines, soft colors and luxurious material partner with high quality lighting fixtures and indulgent amenities.