Luxury Bathrooms Secrets

Part of the secret to many of the luxury bathrooms is found in the details, not just the amenities, for they provide that individual design stamp known as panache.

Such decorative devices might include molding for a very deluxe look, an assortment of lush plants to create an indoor oasis, or dazzling accent tiles that add some glitz. Together, the right fixtures and details can have a stand-up-and-take-notice effect.

While designing your luxury bathroom try to avoid having a toilet directly opposite to the door. Sometimes it can't be avoided. In most hotels bathrooms awkwardly designed to the inch often result in the toilet being the focal point of the bathroom. It is definitely should not be a main feature of a luxury bathroom.

Luxury Touches in the Bathroom

- The slick simplicity of Burke large crown molding fosters the peaceful feeling of this bathroom.

- Elegant details like polished brass fixtures and bathroom hardware add an ambiance of luxury into the bathroom.

- The built-in futures around the vanity-sink create an expensive custom look.

- Raised panels on the cabinet doors complimented with luscious details of applied wood carvings and fluted pilasters on the sides. The hand-carved wood onlays for cabinets provide visual interest without looking busy.

- Gorgeous chandeliers are definitely among the elements that contribute to the feeling of luxury in the bathroom. (If you plan to hang a lighting fixture in your bathroom, make sure that installation meets local electrical code requirements.

- Freestanding soaking tub makes this luxury bathroom not just a place to get clean, but also relax, indulge, and enjoy.