luxury bathroom design

Today's Luxury Bathroom

When square footage is no object and the imagination is generous, there is no limit to the options available today for bathroom decorating or remodeling. Many large bathrooms are referred to as luxury bathrooms because they offer an ultimate comfort and sensuous relaxation. Often luxury bathroom includes amenities similar to those found at well-equipped health centers and saps, thereby bringing the facilities and luxuries of the outside world into the home.

The more elaborate home bathroom includes separate rooms for bathing, toilet, double lavatories with generous storage, and separate dressing area. A luxury tub can be raised on a platform, sunk into the floor, or freestanding in the center of the room. The sunken tub is a one of a few more signs of luxury and status.

Showers have evolved from the single fixed arm most of us have used for years. A walk-in shower with multiple water effects, steam-shower or even sauna are standard amenities for luxury bathroom. In the walk-in shower or steam-room a built-in bench of sturdy stone (marble or granite) provides a handy perch. Often exercise room with fitness equipment or massage parlor are adjoin to luxury bathroom. In today's luxury bathroom you can often see built-in water proof digital TVs and superior quality AM/FM Shower Radio and stereo equipment.

This may evoke visions of decadence, but, if done tastefully, a bar or an approximation of one can add a touch of luxury into the bathroom. Even if you install a small shelf to hold a few bottles of your favorite drink or health juice and add a rack to hold glasses and mixing tools.