The Captivating Tub

The tub can be far more than the place to scrub in. If you are renovating your bathroom, you may want to consider installing a Jacuzzi so you can have the stimulation of water jets massaging your muscles.

Just as a king-size bed takes-up a lot of space in the bedroom, a whirlpool takes up extra space, but can be a worthwhile luxury for the tired and aching. This kind of tub is a definite place to relax and rejuvenate as well as impeccable focal point of the luxury bathroom.

Dare to Be Playful

If your life is centered around your family loosen up and express your joy through use of color and texture in your kids bathroom.

This lovely bathroom is every little girl's dream. Light green and pink color scheme makes this bathroom look fresh and cheerful. The focal point of the bathroom is a painted pink cast iron tub that adds a nostalgic yet whimsical felling. The horizontal lines of the bathroom surfaces balanced nicely with vertically striped wallpaper. The little girl certainly will cherish for the rest of her life memories of fun she created in this bathroom.

If you have an old house you might want to stay with something more traditional, like high rounded free-standing tub on claw-foot legs for integrity and surprising comfort and joy.