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Color in the Bathroom

The bathroom's color palette is as important in creating a mood as are the style of the fixtures and bathroom accessories. If designing your bathroom from scratch, start with a simple, lustrous white backdrop - a white sink, tub, and toilet - and build your bathroom color from there. On today's market there are a lot of colorful lines of bathroom fixtures, that can confuse many homeowners. Those who chose colored bathroom fixtures instead of white regret it quite shortly after they start using them. Colored tubs and sinks require high maintenance, because soap scum and dandruff looks terrible in a colored surface. On other hand, white is fresh and pure, and visually expands space as well. Be aware, however, that even within the white category there are subtle variations, which run from a crisp milk color to a buttery tone.

You can add warmth and charm to your bathroom by using fresh vibrant colors in the tiles, towels, and linens. You can accentuate your white fixtures with embroidered hand-towels, brass fixtures and glass shelves holding collection of antiqued colored bottles.

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The mostly neutral color pallet of the small powder room or bathroom can get a pop of color when you choose a hand-painted bathroom vanity.

Another inexpensive yet highly effective way to introduce color into a bathroom is with flowers. They are considered a luxury touch and can create a cheerful feeling in the bathroom. Beautiful flowers like freesia, lilacs or roses in addition to vivid colors can introduce delicate smells, witch will add a feeling relaxation and freshness to the bathroom.