Wainscoting for the Bathroom

Ever think that your bathroom is just a functional room? Does it bother you that while the rest of your house shows off your personality and your personal tastes, your bathroom falls short?

The bathroom is usually left to the very last minute for most people and than the problem is solved by quickly throwing up a curtain and getting a few matching soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Some decide to simply clutter it with accessories, but than your bathroom just looks like a cluttered mess and the useless accessories just add themselves to the list of things that sit and collect dust.

There are many problems to think about when one is decorating the bathroom because of the moisture issue and the fact that there is no room to have objects that are not functional at all to the room. For hygienic reasons everything in the bathroom should be easily cleaned and not prone to harboring bacteria.

There is something to be happy about—forget about the boring bathroom walls and add a bit of interest by installing wainscoting. Many of the modern day molding treatments are based on design and the general idea of wainscoting. The term itself includes a very wide variety of materials which can be combined to create a great design for the lower part of the wall.

There are classical takes on decorating with wainscoting. A very popular look is using bead-board tongue-and-groove boards in a vertical way with a chair rail molding. It was the wainscoting style that was popular throughout the 1800s and into the 1900s. It will add a more casual charm to your bathroom.

The wainscoting is easily installed and is very versatile in its design and use. You can combine it with pillars in the entry way, accent any part of the design with rosettes and carvings, as well as running a molding on top to complement the wainscoting design.

The wainscoting is resistant to warping even in warm and damp rooms such as the bathroom. It will retain its beauty for an incredibly long time no matter how steamy of a shower you decide to take. It will not harbor any bacteria and will remain mildew free.

Wainscoting in your bathroom is the most perfect way to add personality and style without adding the clutter or taking away functionality of the space.