Bathroom Molding - Size and Proportion

In order to create a sophisticated and relaxing bathroom you should choose a molding that are proportioned to the space. If you have a large bathroom with high ceilings you can add a nice crown molding with rich profile, and (if it is appropriate for your bathroom's style) with vivid ornamental design. If your bathroom has a ceiling that is on the lower side you should carefully evaluate your options.

The most common mistake people do when choosing the molding for a room with low ceilings - they go with thin, tiny profile. The rule - "low ceiling - small crown molding" is a common misconception.

Instead of creating illusion of a higher ceiling, thin crown molding will only accentuate the low ceiling height. In order to create an illusion of a higher ceiling you should look at the crown molding that comes down on the wall less than projects on the ceiling.

Here is some examples: Centro cove molding - comes down on the wall only 3-1/8", but projects on the ceiling - 4-1/2", giving you an nice 5-1/2" crown molding face that creates a lovely cove look and makes ceiling appear higher. Miami crown molding as well as New-York crown molding would also create illusion of height and provide marvelous architectural details to the bathroom. On other hand, the baseboard molding for the bathroom should not exceed 6" in height.

Another trick of the trade will help you to make your bathroom ceiling appear higher - create us much vertical lines us possible, to make eye travel upward. You can consider using two vertical mirrors instead of one horizontal mirror above double vanity, or create a vertical wall panels with panel molding. Bathroom walls an the objects in them should work to make the bathroom more attractive, spacious, and reinforce the overall felling of quality.

The right molding in the bathroom can turn an ordinary, utilitarian space into inspired, sensuous and inviting bathroom, where you can not only perform necessary routines, but relax and truly rejuvenate.