Bathroom Ideas

When your bathroom is thought of as a private sanctuary, from were you emerge a renewed person, attention to details will make a huge difference to the overall energy of your home. There are a lot of things you can do in the bathroom that will suggest an improved lifestyle.

bathroom ideas

Bathroom Ideas - Skylights in the bathroom

For a bathroom without a window, a skylight can add tranquility and natural light without compromising privacy. You can also trim your skylight with beautiful decorative molding, and create an exceptional ever changing focal point in your bathroom. Recently, skylights have become a very popular bathroom's feature. By installing a skylight in your bathroom you will enjoy it every day and, as an added bonus, you will certainly increase the value of your house.

Skylights not only can create an airy and spacious look, it also provides you with a great source of free solar energy and increases your home energy conservation. (Consumption of solar energy and home energy conservation are integral parts of green design).

built-in shelves bathroom ideas

Bathroom Ideas - Bathroom's Built-ins

Built-it features in any room and especially in a bathroom suggest expense and custom design. In reality, built-in items like tissue holder, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser is not very expensive and fairly easy to install. These are small touches that suggest a higher level of details in the bathroom.

A built-in bookcase in the bathroom can be attractive and surprising feature. Since it is more decorative than functional this type of built in is more appropriate for half-bathrooms, where absence of shower or tub will prevent moister damage.

bathroom ideas for corner tub

If you have been dreaming of a separate tub and shower but think your bath is too small, consider a corner tub. The corner tub tucks into a compact spot without compromising comfort