Combination of molding used in this bathroom:
contemporary crown molding memphis

Memphis contemporary crown molding


Bellevue molding for spot lighting

Bathroom Elements

A lot of bathroom elements such as paints, wallpaper, towels and accessories, are relatively inexpensive and can be easily changed.

There is a great opportunity available for flair and imagination in a simple bathroom. Especially if your bathroom is white, when you scoop up the bath towels, hand towels, bath mitts, bath mats, and cotton rugs, pay attention to how much color all the cotton provides, and how easy it is to change the look and feel of the space by putting out a new set of fresh supplies.

You can have a blue-and-white theme, where everything matches, from the terry-cloth towels to the quilted rug. At other times you can decorate with a palette of solid pastels and toss down a rag rug with a rainbow of the same colors.

Keep a stack of cotton hand towels and change them at whim. One week they can be mint-green and white, and the next they may be pink-and-white check. Or you can put towels of different plaids or checks in a pile. For everyday use, the cotton kitchen hand towels from house-wares and kitchen supply stores are ideal. They're inexpensive, absorbent, colorful, and don't need to be ironed.

Well designed and well proportioned bathroom, made of honest materials usually do not require a lot of decorating and over the top embellishments. Fixtures should always be simple and appropriate for your bathroom style. Save the money you would spent on a hand-painted sink and purchase classically designed crown molding and crisp baseboard that will contribute to an elegantly understated beauty and tranquility of the bathroom. What can be more beautiful and relaxing than clean white fixtures, pretty faucet sets, and lots of colorful towels in a room with running water?