Bathroom Decorating

There are a lot of simple things you can do when decorating your bathroom to give it a special touch and add vivid personality. For example, when you change the color of the towels in the bathroom, you can transform the feeling completely.

Just like with kitchen design, the bathroom's hard surfaces should be balanced by soft touches. A tiled bathroom can be softened with a stack of terry-cloth towels on an old wooden towel rack. You want to create a bathroom where you can clearly wash away your tension and worries and emerge rejuvenated.

The contrasting textures of the water, the soap, the towel, the flower bouquet in the front of the mirror, potted plants in a clear glass containers, and the light coming through the window all play together to create a unique, fulfilling textural experience.

To contrast the many hard surfaces of a bathroom, soften hard edges with a simple white eyelet shower curtain made of the same fabric as the curtains for the bathroom windows. Fluffy white towels stacked on a stool or chair and hanging from a towel bar, and two hooded hanging terry-cloth robes, will complete the atmosphere of endearing innocence, providing a subtle pattern that does not intrude upon a bathroom's simplicity.

Bathroom Decorating Tips

bathroom decorating

The stone's natural variations provide a visual contrast to the smooth, crisp white tub and crown molding. Classic style, graceful curves and green plants create a relaxed garden-like setting in this bathroom. A little extras make the bathroom complete. Aromatherapy candles set a romantic mood and produce therapeutic scents.

architectural details in the bathroom

Adding architectural details like ribbed columns and large crown molding will give you results that are anything but ordinary. Beautiful wood carving with scrolled leaf design applied above the bathroom window creates interest and enriches the bathroom's textures.

bathroom decorating with towels

A soft swags of the bathroom's window treatments and fluffy colorful towels will soften-up the appearance of hard and shiny surfaces in the bathroom.

bathroom decorating with textures

You can enhance the bathroom's textures and introduce color by hanging framed art above the tub. The moister-resilient wallpaper with horizontal stripes will also make a bathroom ceiling appear higher.